The Issues of Sanctions to Venezuela+ other Countries.


This is what firebombing do to our children in Palestine+ Syria+ Yemen+ and the Iraq war,+ Libya…This picture in particular was taking recently in Israel when the Israelis soldiers  used chemical against civilians in Palestine. This is what the satanists from Zionism love doing. Wars+ malice against humanity is their survival. This must stop. Our hearts are broken. AND This is not going to happen in Venezuela, the people command!

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The Counsel of Foreign Relation= CFR is in charge basically of manipulating sanctions against countries. This of course is done because they might see a threat against their own interests in the countries that they are siphoning their resources, and or are trying to invade a country that does not comply with their way of manipulation.

This is call control through what has been until now, the corporal way of doing business.  Keep in mind that CFR are USA+ entire Europe+ Mexico mobs gangs that have no regards for humanity but their own. This is why they form agencies as the alleged UN+ IMF+ NATO+ Globalism+ DHS, the latter that is a truly private agency for one of the mobs that finance the issues of illegals+ the wall+ and together with the drugs cartels that are manage from another private mobs that fight among each other for control of territory.

The CFR is the BAR= British Accredited Registry= British foreign agents that work for them within our government agencies, and just about all across the country. Which come to a fact, Marco Rubio, Mike Pompeo, Elio Abram, John Bolton, etc are all members. They all work for the mobs from Europe+ Israel, and so does DOJ+ CIA+ FBI+ the entire congress of the United States.

See why the conflict with Venezuela now? Sanctions are just as= a military invasion. It is a softer way of punishing a country+ its people until they comply with what the mobs say. This is Zionism mobs terrorism in all forms. We are thinking, when all this is going to stop? Even the gods are vomiting from above with the actions from all these [half of men] that have the notion they are the masters for our humanity and our planet.

Stop the Insanity. Call the light upon yourselves to dispel the darkness before the memory of your souls are for ever lost in the fire of no return.  If you call yourselves leaders of the world, then thrive at balancing the scale of good and evil, for no [one] creature should be subject to suffering because of evil actions that can be avoided with transparency, and Not with propagandas lies that the entire world knows are not true, as for example with the nation of sovereign Venezuela. Nothing is a secret anymore, nor can one flat denied being not accomplice perpetrators to chaos when the facts are in front of them, is it not?

By the way, are you aware that lying for a fact closes our hearts and minds from receiving wisdom from the good gods of creation? Just saying.

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~the people

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