The Royal Fraud






The Royal Family from Saudi Arabia are a disgrace for their nation+ their people+ the world. It is same as in the United States where the Jews that call themselves Jews and are Not[ they are crypto jews that comes from all cults], are criminals that have infested our ways of government+ stealing our wealth, + committing crimes against our people of subordination+ extortion+ violation+ invasion+ TREASON. For this is a disgrace for our country= our people, inclusive for the people from England where their Royals are part of this unimaginable fraud throughout the entire world.

: For who are the Chinese Royals= Royals Dragons= Dragon Dynasty= the worldwide master perpetrators= the real banking cartels+ with their counterparts in the West siphoning all together the very essence= life energy from all the people. All the existence.

These royals’ fraud that along with criminals with high intellects holding titles as lawyers+ attorneys+ esquires+ judges+ doctors+ especial agents= thieves= investors= bishops= priests= politicians that are born from the same roots. ARE but terrorists mobs defrauding humanity from their creator lawful giving abundance+ murdering+ selling+ abusing+ stealing from us. Inclusive destroying our animal kingdom: all creatures+ our vital sustainable resources.

FOR they are demons for destruction: Demons in human form that have the insane notion they are the chosen ONES here on planet earth and the rest would follow= would honor their actions: Their criminalities: Their violations of laws: Treaties: Constitutions that are there for keeping order. Peace. Harmony. Abundance. Honor. Love within the kingdom for everyone.

FOR what hurts? The fact that for decades: Centuries all our needs are prepaid, thus these intellectuals with their cleverness have manage stealing what belong for us all= they chose enslaving us.  For example, in the United States, and as law, all our needs are prepaid as we reinstate. Those utility bills that we pay for water+ electric+ gas= free for everyone. The same apply for the day we purchase our home+ property that ideally we can do whatever we wish with it. The same apply for the education for our children+ colleges+buying an automobile,+ meeting our daily needs!

We the people, = each one is their own creator: For we are the gold+ the silver+ the nickel+ all minerals: We with our very own energy create= we are: Are in constant creating: We are creators= being+ doing: Our signatures are the money that instantly we ourselves creates= we creates money out of thin air from the never ending Zero-Point of ALL that is! For we pay for everything on demand. For we the people are the power that Be= is= always would be. We are gods and goddesses+ does NOT matter where we come from: What color of skin we have: What believes we hold. – ~ = FOR we are all bound by the same principle in equality: Sharing. Honor from our own creator.

: For these rats we are speaking off know this, thus they have kept this hidden from us! FOR this is making the American people angry for the point that if these issues are not being resolve soon as possible, something not so very good will burst.

By now you might ask, why? What? What happened here? Where is my money? I want my F*****g money back!

: For those that have an ear to hear and an eye to see, this is why the Strawman has been created FOR: for paying our debts: be our debtors, meaning he/she is paying our debts as needed. It was NOT created for criminals splurging on private accounts withdrawing money from the treasury as if we= one individually is authorizing it. At the same time taking advantage for our ignorance. Ignorance NOT because we are ignoring but because there it has never been a form of public awareness: For public education.

: FOR THEY FAILED meeting the responsibility being decent public servants.

: FOR YOU CHOSE organize crimes: racketeering instead= naming yourselves from a high society of which the royals are part of it+ CFR= counsel of foreign relations[organized crimes]+ SES= Senior Executive Services.

: For example, New York City receive a month trillions and trillions from electric bills alone. This is the money these criminals use for financing terrorists Israel that is run by Russians-Jewish mobs freemasonry demon cult: Promoting FAKE holocaust reruns+ sexual immorality such as homosexuality+ transgenderism+ racial propagandas+ religious slurs,+ lusts from the rich and famous,+ the murdering of our people by their police mobs that are theirs protectors for their crimes: For they being the enemy for the American people.

: These are the same criminals that owns the corporations of the Port Authority[the one that grant licenses for judges= pay their salary+ that for the police= NYPD].+ the Port Authority handle the cargo= ships issues+ the department of transportation[airports+ Department of Homeland Security+ last but not least, the prison= jail for profit system+ the Anti Defamation League+ Southern Poverty Law Center of which all are govern= own by the ultimate corporation of the United States Postal Service, which owns the United States Treasury= +The Feds, or the other way around. All of which are terrorist’s organizations runs by Jewishcons. These are the criminals that have turned providing services for the American people into their own empire for terrorism instead of performing their duty for being public servants+ meeting their responsibilities for the people, as the laws have been implemented for serving all.

: NOTE that the police is private body hire for an= a specific area. Lets say the NYPD are employees for= for protecting the circumference= jurisdiction for the airport+ certain offices= territories= offices that are there for providing services for the people. In another way, the police is there for making sure that the people are protected from their own employers. The police is not there for arresting civilians lives+ charging them with crimes+ bringing the people unto corporate courts+ perpetrating crimes as extortions+ violations+ invasion= racketeering toward the people.

: Let us also make clear that all public buildings such as airports+ sea ports= our water coasts+ the White House, etc, etc belongs to: Are for serving the American people! No organizations: Establishments that serve the American people belongs for: to anyone! The owners for such establishments: Properties are all the American people, we repeat. For if anyone is insane enough for making such claim for owning such of establishments: Properties, they should be immediately remove, and if not be kill.

: FOR the un-royal family from Saudi Arabia are doing the same thing! In between their agents+ the United States Treasury that it is run by Jewish mobs, they take care for the fraud with the account for each of their citizen. For this is disgusting. The Saudi Royals are Jewish criminals that together with England+ Israel+ Turkey+ the United States[politicians, not the people] are AS ONE. Saudi Arabia is a fraud entirely, and the crimes being committed unto their own people are beyond comprehension. They have destroyed their natives people of which were Orthodox Arabs. – ~ = People that would never hurt anyone.

: Unfortunately, these royals frauds are the demonic Jews that follow the evil Talmud laws where beheadings+ human sacrificing+ sexual immorality are the norm. Same as with the evil Quran that is the same as the Talmud but written in Arabic. Islam+ Judaism is the same thing. They are the perpetrators of fascism+ zionism+ satanism+ luciferianism+ oligarchies+ capitalism+ globalism+ communism. For Judaism is communism. For Islam is communism. These people serves as advocates for a worldwide chain of elites mafias. They hate the creation,+ love mocking the universal Christ essence that is within all that is created, including themselves.

For we remind everyone that the evil Talmud+ the Quran were both written by criminals tribals mobs. Further, Mecca is far from being a sacred place. If ever was a sacred place it is NOT anymore. In 2016 more than five thousand Muslims people died in Mecca+ little was said about this except that five hundred pilgrims died when in truth it was a higher number. We ask ourselves, but why the death? The answer is: It was a sacrifice for Satan by the demons Jews,+ further the center piece that was there for the pilgrims adoring has been removed. The last thing we hear it was taking to Antartica! Benjamin Fulford wrote an article about this. +Also read these horrific facts:

The royals are so heartless that they imprison their young generation even for taking a breath. They have as well cause much misery for the people from Yemen, literally they have been aiming on killing all their younger generation= the children.

: We advice the Muslins people start doing their own due diligence+ investigate everything>>> you will be surprise how good you will feel after. Trust your own intuition and be conscious that any god that aim destruction+ separation, it is for sure Satan’s work.

: For the Kingdom of God is not out there in another planet: the Kingdom is here on earth+ it is within us all!

Verse from the Holy Quraan:

“O Mankind! We created you from a single (Pair) of a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other.) Verily, the most honored by you in the Sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” (49-13)

AND speaking about royals+ about our elected dignitaries+ the Walls of Israel. That place where after the Inauguration for each president of the United States they go and visit, = making fools for themselves praying unto these empty walls as if there is a god behind it, Or hiding within the minuscule pieces of stone? First, this is a humiliation for themselves+ the people worldwide. For as history tells us that those walls are a Farce. For the Israeli government know this being true. For we are not saying that stones are not sacred, but that it is a Jewish god-figure behind those walls?

We think NOT.

Second, we can observe like little dogs that obey their masters, how these elected dignitaries do just as they are being told by these insane-evil Jewish mobs that loves mocking them for the entire world watching… For they better be good “goyim,” or else?

Should we call our elected officials “Whores for greed+ lover for terrorism+ attention+ humiliation for our country= the American people?

And Talking about whores, we will discuss about Turkey’s President Erdoğan later on, as he is another Jew= a member for the mobs.

Further, if these Royals from Saudi Arabia are a Fraud, wait we tell you about the UN- ROYAL from England. According to records:

“Winsor” is the name adopted by the current family that resides in Buckingham Palace in England. These frauds are not the true royal’s family.

Other then the throne her fat ass sits on, there is nothing divine about this Satanist, who is responsible for the killings of millions people worldwide that includes having pedophilia enterprise= sacrificial killings of children+ adults.

You also need to know that Lucifer’s shit Prince Charles is the head for all freemasonry around the world! Freemasonry of 33 degree fuckery for the demons.

These frauds are not even English, rather they are German! They changed their name from “Saxe-Coburg” to “Windsor” in order to appear English.

They claim that they are direct descendants of Jesus Christ, through the blood line of Mary Magdalene, down through the Fisher Kings etc. This is complete bullshit as Mary Magdalene did not have any children.

In reality, their bloodline originates from Turkey, when their tribe of Khazars Jews: Satanists married their daughters into the Aristocratic families of Europe.

The genetic line of David is the true Royal blood line that was chosen by the Christ to incarnate. As you have learned, souls normally reincarnate within their same genetic blood line.

The genetic line of David is the blood line that the Christ incarnated two thousand years ago as Jesus of Nazareth, and now during the fullness of time as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall of Australia.

These “Winsor” frauds have no relationship with genetic line of David. This is why they are related to all the other Satanists that rule the world including the Pope, the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Bush, Clinton, Obamas, Russian mobs, Jesuits, etc. They are all family!

These marriages altered the historical genetic line of David via Ireland and Scotland, and replaced it with the likes of King George 1, who was from Hanover, Germany.

The “Windsor’s” were also blood relatives of Adolf Hitler. In fact, every single president of the U.S. has been a blood relative of the un-royal family.

These evil monsters want to kill you and millions of others around the world because they don’t want you waking up in time to recognize that they are Royals Fraud.

Isaiah 22:22 predicts the key of David.

And the key of the house of David I will lay upon his shoulders, so he shall open. And none shall shut, and he shall shut, and none shall open.




: For they are liars. Brainwashed. Actors. Whores. Pedophiles. Sadists. Antichrist. War criminals. Tyrants. Terrorists. Communists. Invaders. Black magicians. Hypocrites. Back stabbers. Human eating flesh talmudic demons. Thieves. Traitors. Sodomites. Fuckwits. – ~ = For the BAR= lawyers+ attorneys+ esquires+ referees+ corporal judges+ county clerks+ county public records office agents+ politicians+ pay for hire police mobs+ marshals mobs, = prison= jail for profit, + mortgage fraud for profit, + child kidnapping for profit+ = human trafficking for profit, + vaccination for profit .~ – = For Israel+Jesuits Russian Jewish mobs+ freemasonry evil cult. – ~ = THE DEEP STATE= the enemy for the American people+ the world. For CFR[counsel of foreign relation] that is a worldwide covert zionist terrorist organization= the crypto Jews that comes from all walks of life. The crypto people have an agenda, and that is control of the people+ destroying the United States.

~ – = For be destroy perpetuity.

In the Talmud, that is the evil Bible for the Jews, non-Jews people are identified as “goyim” or “cattle,” that serve as slaves to the Jews. Jews are taught to regard “goyim” as animals or beasts in human form that were created by their god “Lucifer” to serve them.

According to the evil Talmudic laws, and the Quran laws, beheadings, murdering, genocide, and sexual immorality as homosexuality, transgenderism, and the diminishing-belittling for women, inclusive for clitoris mutilation for young females: castration, and circumcisions for young males, are the norms.

Goyim= the people of earth, = humanity.

The “Jews” are in fact the “Lews,” the “Edomites,” which were also the Khazars, which were the same Pharisee that Jesus Christ condemned to death for their worshipping of the Devil.

The “Jews” are not the Christ chosen people. In fact, they worship their god Lucifer and are an absolute abomination to the Creator and his creation.

The “Jews” also have nothing to do with the 12 tribes of Jacob Israel. They are in reality the direct descendants of “Cain.”

The Jew State the Rothschild’s created and named “Israel” in the Middle East is NOT where the Christ’s chosen people reside.

The true Israel refers to Europe, which is where the true 12 tribes of Israel relocated after being deported from Palestine.

The Jews primary holy book “The Talmud” is a complete abomination for our Creator.

Jews are taught to regard “Goyim” as animals or beasts in human form that were created by their god “Lucifer” to serve them.


1-Sanhedrin 59a, “Murdering goyim is like killing a wild animal.”

2-Sanhedrin 59a, “Goyim who pies into Talmudic Law is guilty of death.”

3-Hilkkoth Akum X1, “Do not save goyim in danger of death. Show no mercy to Goyim.”

And it gets much worse…

4-Abodah Zara 26b, “Even the best Gentiles should be killed.”

5-Yebhamth 11b, “Sexual intercourse with a girl permitted if she is at least 3 years of age. A gentile girl may be violated if she is 3 years old.”

6-Gad. Shas. 2:2, “A Jew may violate, but not marry a non-Jewish girl.”

7-Tosefta Aboda Zara B5, “If a goy kills a goy or Jew, he is responsible. But if a Jew kills a goy, he is not responsible.”

8-Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348, “All property of other nations belongs to the Jews, which are entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.”

And a favorite:

9-Simeon Haddarsen fol. 56d, “When the messiah comes, every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”

These monsters have even created their own codified laws for a post 2012 world government. They call these laws “Noahide Laws.” Basically any “Goyim can be executed just for being accused by a Jew for violating one of their rules.

For the Talmud+ the Quran are religious cults from tribals crimes syndicate, = oral religion written by criminals. ~-= Criminals from the people, tribes named Lews (Jews)- Edomites- Khazars to suit them so they could control the people: destroy the kingdom. for they hate the creation,+ the christ essence that is within us all.

: TAKE your evil Talmud+ your Sharia law, and shove it: for destroy all: for let the light erase the fullness for all their evil deeds-memory from existence: For dissolving it unto tiny molecules that navigate the vast ocean of nothingness.

For the universal Christ Consciousness= principal: And: With: To: For all people for planet earth= Natural Earth= Natural Law of the Land.

So be it be it so


History videos below about the fraud committed to our people by criminals= CFR [Counsel of Foreign Relations= a worldwide terrorists-communist Jewish organization of whom the royals fraud are part of it]+ SES= Senior Executive Services.

Be knowing facts instead of lies: For all living free+happy: For not ever needing evil people pretending representing us: For we represent ourselves: For we govern ourselves.

NOTE: be not fool enough to go on hurting anyone that is not causing harm to others from any religious believes. We are specifically speaking of certain people from all background that have a specific agenda as that of harming others, or are trying to destroy a government, or harm a country, or spreading hate+ division. Each of us is responsible+ liable + accountable for their own actions. Further, having knowledge does not mean you can go on an inflated ego spree for harming the creation.


Navigate more: Destroy them…



~the people have spoken

NOTE: do not confuse Yahweh= the god that govern all demons with the universal Christ that is the god that govern all those that have achieved enlightening= those that have done their inner work. ~ – = For the universal Christ consciousness= is a universal principal that navigate within the frequency of Love+ honor the Creator creations. Yahweh is the antithesis for the Universal Christ.

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