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Third Base – The Guilty Parties

There are a number of guilty parties responsible for the current deplorable criminality engulfing western civilization.

First, there are the “Higher Contracting Powers” — the Global Estate Elite responsible for caretaking the entire planet. Each separate nation has three such caretakers, one for each “jurisdiction”—air, land, and sea. The caretakers of the united States of America are: (1) Pope Francis acting in his “temporal role” as FRANCISCUS and his appointee, the Rector of the National Shrine, who are responsible for the entire planet’s well-being and this little patch of it, respectively, (2) HRM ELIZABETH II, and (3) SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, JACOB JOSEPH LEW, who inherited the responsibility when his Office gained control of the Office of The United States Postmaster.

Of the three international trustees only the past two Popes– Benedict XVI and Francis– have honored their obligation to the people of the world and the united States of America. Both these men have very courageously and tenaciously sought to correct the misadministration and criminality we are all battling. Both have acted promptly, intelligently, and in spite of great individual risk to bring remedy and relief.

The Queen, the Lords of the Admiralty, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Privy Council are largely to blame for the situation and have exercised the most direct control over the members of the Bar Associations and the Banking Cartels responsible for the wrongs we and so many other nations have suffered for the past hundred years.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Joseph Lew, was born and bred and educated as a member of the banking cabals that are directly and absolutely responsible for the lawlessness and corruption in our midst. He may plead that he “dodged the bullet” and is not “really” responsible, as his predecessors “released” the Office of The Postmaster General and “abandoned” it some years ago, however, trusteeship is a stubborn and time-honored identity under Roman Civil Law and Common Law, both. He who continues to own, operate, and dispose of trust assets remains the Trustee of those assets which continue to belong to others, despite what he calls himself, despite the name of the office he holds, and despite any obfuscation otherwise. Mr. Lew inherited the responsibility along with the assets.

These three individuals are supposed to work together to ensure peace, justice, and smooth administration of governmental services throughout the united States of America.   Pope Francis is putting up a determined fight in favor of these aims, the Queen and her Counselors have failed in every respect, and the Secretary of the Treasury is either out to lunch or recklessly endangering all three.

Second, there are the “governments” of the various nations, all of them now acting as commercial corporations chartered by the Holy See, or since 1929, the Vatican.   There are many kinds and styles of governments and many more governments than we typically think of. There are “governmental services corporations” that are supposed to be administering Republics (like ours), there are others that administer legislative democracies (like the United States of America (Minor)—a consortium of “American States” more often thought of as “federal territories and possessions”), and others that administer oligarchies (like the United Nations City State or the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, which is also an independent, international City State like Vatican City or the Inner City of London).

All of these entities are corporations just like any other commercial corporation on earth. They all have corporate charters. They are all obligated to function lawfully and for the public good, or their charters can be pulled and their assets liquidated to pay their creditors.

At “First Base” you learned the answer to— “Who is doing all this damage to us?” — three foreign nations who are all supposed to be our good friends: the United States of America (Minor), the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, and the United Nations City State.

They are operating in collusion with two giant international banking cartels, the “Federal Reserve” and the “International Monetary Fund” to plunder and control the national trusts of most of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

The original Federal Reserve operated the “Federal Reserve System” and that in turn operated the United States of America, Inc.   The International Monetary Fund operated (and still operates) the UNITED STATES, INC.   And now, most recently, the United Nations has allowed yet another version of the parasite known as the FEDERAL RESERVE to incorporate under its City State auspices and spawn a new version of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. to replace the old, bankrupted United States of America, Inc. that finally settled its bankruptcy as of July 1, 2013.

The obvious collusion between the IMF and the Federal Reserve has been to keep a cycle of planned, fraudulent bankruptcies going.

Every seventy years, following the ancient Hebrew custom of the “Jubilee”, all debts are forgiven (that is, discharged in bankruptcy), and then, almost immediately, a new bankruptcy begins. That’s the flip-flop they are trying to engineer right now—- bankrupt the UNITED STATES, INC. and bring in the new “FEDERAL RESERVE” to provide (and charge for) all those juicy governmental services contracts under the old name—THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

In this way they contrive to escape the responsibility for their flagrant spending of the public purse for their private enrichment, and continue to acquire title to assets that don’t belong to them for free, and continue to hypothecate “public” debt—-which is really their private corporate debt—against the assets of their victims.   At the end of the day, they declare “bankruptcy” and leave the “presumed sureties” to pay for their misdeeds.

At “Second Base” you learned who these “presumed sureties” are—- you and your organic States of the Union— and you learned the means and fraud schemes used by these perpetrators to defraud you, steal your identity, misappropriate your credit, and enslave you despite all the many national and international prohibitions against both peonage and slavery.

They simply pretend that you are “dead”, seize control of your estate via probate fraud, and make themselves both your trustees (via their very own “court” system) and your beneficiaries. You are left to be their unpaid “volunteer” jack of all trades working on Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Or Uncle Abe’s Plantation. Or Aunt Angela’s Plantation….

You “donate” all your credit to fund their currency— the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES—and then you pay them very, very handsomely—the entire face value of the “note” plus interest — for the honor of being defrauded and forced via monopoly inducement to use their currency when you could just issue currency of your own — real American dollars based on the same resources—and pay nothing but the cost of printing and minting. Repeat the words, “monopoly inducement” until you truly understand what has been done to you and your country.

You also become subject to the “law” and foreign jurisdiction of their host countries.   Foreign situs trusts named after living Americans and styled as “John Quincy Adams” were subject to the foreign civil maritime jurisdiction of “federal states” —franchises of the United States of America (Minor) doing business as the United States of America, Inc. doing business as the “State of Ohio” for example.

ESTATE trusts named after living Americans and styled as “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” were subject to the foreign jurisdiction of Puerto Rico. And now the shameless perpetrators propose that “transmitting utilities” operated under the NAMES of living Americans styled as “JOHN Q. ADAMS” —-which are not even legal, specific, and identifiable names—will be subject to the United Nations City State and its “laws”.

What about you and your laws? Who gave away the keys to the car? Who “volunteered” you and your land to stand as “sureties” for these other people and their debts?

Your “representatives”, of course—- the “US Congress” and the members of the “State” Legislature—only which “Congress” and which “State” are we talking about?

This is the third group of guilty parties, and they are also to blame for all the corruption, misappropriation, and criminality that have befallen America for the last 150 years.

As should be apparent from what you learned at First Base and Second Base, none of this could have happened at all without direct participation, co-option, cooperation and criminal collusion on the part of the members of Congress and the “State” legislatures.

No doubt some members of these organizations were deliberately kept in the dark, because they were not inclined to disserve their country and constituents. Dr. Ron Paul comes to mind. And some members are too stupid to understand the scam, so they are “innocent by default” — merely tools in the hands of their political handlers and teleprompters. The rest have no excuse.

How many members of the “US Senate” and the “US House of Representatives” could be expected to notice that they take their Oath of Office to “the United States” and NOT to “the United States of America”?

How many members of Congress could be expected to notice that there is a difference between “United States” and “UNITED STATES” and between “The Constitution for the united States of America” and “the Constitution of the United States of America”?

How many must—at least eventually and unavoidably— notice the corporate, self-interested, and commercial nature of what they are doing and how they are acting, as opposed to what the real contract and public office require?

Most of all, how many of these people at both the “federal” and the “federal state” level know perfectly well that they are functioning as private corporate officers occupying vacated public offices and willfully have chosen to bilk, defraud, and deceive their friends, family, neighbors, and communities for the lure of personal power and private advantage?

The answer over time as written upon the averages and voting records is 68% of the members of the Congress and the “State” Legislatures at any one time know full well what they are doing, know that it is a crime, and do it anyway because they think that they are immune from prosecution.

They’ve made “laws” declaring themselves immune from prosecution for their misdeeds and they’ve claimed the protection of the “corporate veil” for more of their criminality. Like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand and their tails in the air, they have become increasingly senseless and arrogant at the same time that their actions have more fully exposed their corruption.

Despite their self-serving claims and “Acts”, they are not immune. And neither are those who are working for them— the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Provost Marshals, the US Marshals, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, FEMA, DOJ and all the rest—-all the way down to your local traffic cops: they are all 100% liable for their acts and omissions and their abuse of the people of this country.

Some are old enough to recall the Nuremburg Trials, where it was decided once and for all time that “I was just following orders!” is not a good enough excuse.

The Truth is that they are “trading upon a contract”— the only contract that exists between the States of America and the corporation running the “federal government” – and that is the original equity contract signed in 1789, “The Constitution for the united States of America”.   They are pretending to be “successors” to that contract and they all certainly know what the contract requires down to a gnat’s eyelash, even as they flout it and ignore it and disrespect it in public, even as they misrepresent the people of America and defraud them and grossly abuse the position of fiduciary trust that any “successor” is obliged to either honor or stand in default.   As they are now.

They have become so corrupt, so arrogant, and so irresponsible that they have completely forgotten the source of their power and the responsibilities that go with it. Instead of “representatives” of the people, they have acted as representatives of the private, for-profit, mostly foreign owned governmental services corporations and the banking cartels that own and operate them.

Instead of using public assets for the public good, they have abused them for private gain. Instead of safeguarding the lives and well-being of the people who have trusted them, they have misled Americans, spilled their blood in wars for profit, defrauded them, and enslaved them. The American people elected these individuals with the clear intent that they occupy public offices and accept the responsibility of public office; they have willingly occupied look-alike, sound-alike private corporate offices instead.

To this long list of guilty parties— the international trustees who failed, the governmental services corporations that have milked us, and the false “representatives” who have robbed, defrauded, enslaved and abused us via fiduciary trust fraud, probate fraud, non-disclosure, and blatant semantic deceit, a final group of guilty parties must be added.


It’s true that this fraud started long, long before any of us were born, and it is also true that we were attacked and our estates were attached by the perpetrators of this scheme while we were still babies in our cradles—totally unable to defend ourselves. It’s also true that our Mothers were never told the truth about the papers they were signing at the hospital, just as none of us were told the truth about “Social Security”, or “Voter Registration” or “Driver Licenses”.   We were never told the truth about “citizenship”, either.

If we had known The Truth about the misrepresentation and fiduciary trust fraud that has been practiced against us by members of the “US Congress” and the banking cartels and the federal “State” legislatures, if we had in any way comprehended the horrific criminality and abuse we have suffered, we would have nationalized every bank bigger than a bread box and deported every lawyer in America a long time before this.

We have not “willing, knowingly, and voluntarily” accepted ANY of this disservice and betrayal.

That is certainly in our favor.

However, there is the nagging fact that this fraud has been ongoing and in our midst in one way or another since 1862.   It has been cleverly disguised and it has been scattered through huge volumes of public records in obscure and often arcane places, and some records —like the existence of the original 13th Amendment to the original Constitution have been systematically expunged to prevent us from identifying the perpetrators—- bankers and members of the Bar Associations working in collusion with foreign governments, most especially the British government— but the evidence exists.

After years of piecing it all together one jigsaw puzzle-piece at a time, we now know The Truth, and as bad as it is, and as guilty as the perpetrators are, we have to admit our own complacency and blind trust in what we thought of as “our” government.

As should now be very, very clear, that THING in Washington, DC is not “our” government. It’s a cancer in our body politic. Those men and women sitting in the corporate “Congress” of the UNITED STATES, INC. are not “our” representatives and Mr. Obama is not “our” President. Neither are the people sitting in federal “State” Legislatures “our” representatives.

They are all representing foreign commercial corporations and/or “State” franchises thereof, all of which have been operated as criminal syndicates on our shores in violation of their charters. They have all committed gross fiduciary trust fraud and probate fraud against each and every one of us, misappropriated our credit, placed false claims against our assets, and abused the rights of usufruct to commit personage against us.

They have claimed that we are “sureties” for their debts and they have “hypothecated” trillions of dollars of their private corporate debts against us, our labor, our land, our homes, our businesses, the resources of our organic States of the Union, and even our children.

They have had neither mercy nor shame.

[By our count, at a minimum, every living American has at least four (4) legal fiction entities named after them which are owned and operated by foreign corporations in foreign jurisdictions.

There is an individual foreign situs trust operated by the corporate federal franchise “State” (like “State of Ohio”) under your given Name styled as in: “John Quincy Adams”.

There is a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust formed under Washington, DC Municipal Statute, Chapter 2, Vital Statistics, Section 7-201, paragraph 10, operated under your given NAME and styled as: “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” in Puerto Rican jurisdiction.

There is at the current time a transmitting utility being introduced and operated under your given NAME styled as: “JOHN Q. ADAMS” by the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION dba the new “FEDERAL RESERVE” and its new governmental services corporation doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and a state level version being operated as: “John Q. Adams” by new “STATE” franchise being operated simply as “OHIO” or “WISCONSIN” or “IDAHO”, etc.

There is in theory no end to the kind or number of legal fiction entities that can be created “in your name” by foreign corporations and governments and used to promote personage— the crime of deliberately confusing corporations like “ELIZABETH ARDEN” or “J.C. PENNY” with living people of the same or similar names—and thence used as a sophisticated form of identity theft to promote false claims against your credit and material assets.]

Depending on which hat they happen to be wearing at any given time, these false “representatives” sitting in Congress and federal “State” Legislatures also serve foreign governments –governments that have worked to undermine our own while pretending to be our friends and allies: the United Nations City State, the United States of America, (Minor), the Washington, DC Municipal (City State) Government, and, most especially, the City-State of Westminster.

Now you know who did it to you, you can deduce why they did it—the massive profits they’ve made at your expense by taxing your labor and resources and charging off their debts against your assets—how they’ve done it and how they are proposing to keep on doing it, and you know in detail who you can blame for it all, including yourself.

Third Base is a good place to stop and consider the Big Picture and begin considering who your allies in this mess really are and what you can do about it. After a few moments of consideration certain aspects of this should become very clear.

1 The entire political process in America, the whole so-called “Two Party System” is rigged, and in terms of representing you and your interests is meaningless.   The entire game show of “bad” or “good” Democrats or Republicans is just that— a show designed to entertain and distract and exhaust your energy and resources for no possible gain. Both parties serve the same bosses and work for the same corporations. Those corporations are still owned and operated by international banking cartels and foreign governments. There is no sense and no benefit in participating in the corporate “political process” at all, in fact, there is a great deal of harm in it.

Voter registration is one of the chief ways they use to claim that you are a “US citizen” subject to their foreign maritime jurisdiction. They say—you voted for a candidate in our election, so obviously, you agreed to be represented by us.   You see? You gave them your proxy by default by voting for a candidate in THEIR election, and whether or not “your” candidate won. After that, your right to present yourself and be immune from the consequences of their representation of you or as it happens, their misrepresentation of you, is severely challenged.

So stop being played like so many bass drums and violins. Cancel your voter registration and stop riding the political party bandwagon and stop being fooled into letting these criminals “represent” you however they will. Put your time and money into effort that will protect your standing as an American State Citizen and restore your real government.

2 The actual American government only exists as a vestigial institution composed of a few functioning public offices and the Body Politic—- the sweeping civil authority that our ancestors bequeathed to each and every living American, including the right to form Citizens Grand Juries, to form unincorporated County and State governments, to define and fill public offices, and to perform arrests of outlaws via Citizen’s Arrest.

As difficult as it may seem, each and every American is heir to a large estate interest, and is enabled to utilize that as they see fit.   Why not exercise your civil authority? Learn how to make a Citizen’s Arrest, so that when the time comes, you will know how?   Learn how to file an international commercial claim for damages. Learn how to challenge the jurisdiction of THEIR courts. Learn how to set up and operate a Grand Jury. Get your tail in a knot and demean yourself to serve in a public office. These are all things that you and like-minded Americans can do to restore a fully functioning government on the land of the united States of America. Beyond that— learn how to file international criminal complaints against these foreigners and their foreign governmental services corporations, because they are criminals and they are committing crimes against you every single day of every year.

Learn how to take back your assets from their control. Stop paying them to defraud you. Learn how to liquidate corporations and how to attach their assets, just as they have attached yours. Learn how to expose them and what they are doing via sharing information and word-of-mouth.

3 Once you have decided once and for all that these people DON’T represent you and HAVEN’T represented you in any manner approaching what you deserve, demand, and expect from a “representative”, tell them so. Make it official.   Publish it in a newspaper or on the web or both. Send them Notice via U.S. Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Or better yet, Registered Mail to the Secretary of the Treasury and all those people who have “represented” you: “Dear So-and-So, you don’t represent me. Here is explicit notice of the fact. Any presumption that you have ever represented me or my organic state of the Union or my family or my estate is hereby and forever rebutted. You and the other members of the (Congress, State Legislature, Borough Assembly, blah-blah-blah) do not have any proxy of mine nor permission to represent me in any matter whatsoever, nor any material interest in me, my labor, my material or intellectual property, my family, my credit, my land, my home, my business or my individual life.

Any claim otherwise has been obtained under conditions of fiduciary trust fraud, probate fraud, non-disclosure, and semantic deceit.   I claim my remedy preserved by the Uniform Commercial Code Section 1-308 not to be bound by any contract defective under Common Law, and my recourse preserved by Uniform Commercial Code Section 1-103.6 which requires all further interpretation of contracts, identities, roles, and relationships to conform with the Common Law.

You, Sir/Madam, are acting as the representative of a foreign corporate entity and are merely presuming a successor interest in a commercial governmental services contract you have defaulted upon and a trust indenture you have breached.

You are similarly pretending to occupy a vacated public office while serving in a deceptively and similarly named private corporate office. So far as I am concerned, you have no valid claim or contract in existence to justify your continued operations on our shores, no authority to impose any of your administrative “laws” upon me or my estate. Any further false pretensions otherwise or inconvenience caused by claims resulting from these false “representations” concerning me and my property interests shall be cause for international criminal complaint.

Finally, it has come to my attention that you and your predecessors have caused various legal fiction entities to be created and operated under my given name without my knowledge or consent and that various false claims have been made and legal chicanery has taken place aimed at misappropriation of my real property and credit. This has been done by the false pretension that I am “dead” or “missing” and accomplished by probate fraud and undisclosed registrations and claims. This is criminal malfeasance and fiduciary trust fraud of the first order.

My given name is my intellectual property. I have the absolute controlling interest in my estate, including my name. Release all titles and claims held under color of law in my name by any and all legal fiction entities and cease and desist in these immoral and unlawful practices seeking to defraud me and to confuse my living self with incorporated personas operated for the benefit of the privately owned and operated governmental services corporations you actually work for.


(your entire given name in all small letters, non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved).“

Third Base….almost “Home”—-and how hard are you prepared to try for the final success?   Will you pledge your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor?

In the end, among people, it is always a question of commitment. As John Adams called it— there is not creature worth considering, but those who have commitment. Real commitment. Those who will stand up and insist that they are something more than chattel owned by a king or a corporation are the only ones who will cross the Great Divide between what is real and what exists only in men’s minds.



~Judge Anna Von Ritz

Editor Note: “Thank you Judge Anna for all the clarity/light you are bringing to the American people and the world. We are sending you much love and protection… And know that we love you dearly.



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