To Forster and Garbus LLP, an alleged law firm in New York


Attention Ms Ortiz

It is our duly distinctive pleasure to inform you that we and or I porfirio-antonio of the ramirez family do not consent and or accept to contract with you; 1) because your claim is utterly a lie, as it is clearly stated on the record in court and right in front of your nose that this matter has been discontinued as of day and date of 3/25/2015, see exhibit 1; 2) This alleged credit card loan has been paid a million times over due to the fraud that YOU/the BAR and the alleged CROWN corporation committed against I and or the American people with crimes such as Embezzlement of credit, willful identity theft, inland piracy, currency manipulation, malfeasance, and as unlawful restraint of trade accomplished by personage and enforced by barratry by the perpetrators of these schemes whether foreign or domestic; 3) All loans are paid off pursuant to UCC# 2013032035 of universal law, and protected under UCC 1-103 thereof; 4) You are/have no authority to represent me, and or I do not need a third party interloper to represent me without prejudice; 5) Your license has been extinguished since 2013 due to the crimes committed by the pirates disguising as public officials of the American people, and for a fact all public courts are foreclosed upon.

You Are Ceased and Desist. Mind your own life and your own affairs. And may we never hear from you again concerning this specific issue and or from any alleged attorney(s) either concerning the same issue from the state of New York or the entire country.

The amount of $ 4, 790.75 with reference # xxxxxxxxxxx5828 has been paid in full.

With all due process alleged Case #: CV- 023542-13/QU has been Terminated; made NULL & VOID AB INITIO NUNC PRO TUNC AD INFINITUM. Aligned with common law, protected under the Constitution FOR The United States of America, Article 4, Section 3, Clause 1, governed and insured by public policy UCC 1-103, UCC 1-308, UCC 1-305, UCC 3-505, and UCC# 2013032035 of universal law. And pursuant to Canon 3228 (i) and Canon 3228(ii) for the records and on the records.

Absent my knowing, willing and intentional express consent, you are ordered to Cease and Desist from committing trespass on my domicil of mind and body, my mind and body’s domicil by choice, my private land and my private property, inclusive of any and all direct or indirect contact.

SEE Exhibits A and B

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This presentment was send to:

Forster and Garbus LLP and or attention Ms Ortiz

P O Box 9030

Commack, NY 11725-9030

This presentment was recorded at the Queens County Court Public Records for “the records only” and pursuant to Canon law of 3228 (i), (ii), (iii), and (iv). And published world wide on the Net, and especially on the website here:,

Court is abated

Exhibit A



IMG_5830Exhibit B


Without prejudice

/s/porfirio-antonio: ramirez ______________________________

(non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved)

You were served on day and date of 02/14/16








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