To Fuck Tart Alex Jones


To Fuck Tart Alex Jones:

You are as many, One the Gate Keepers of Planet earth that thrive to keep her under the control of the “BIG STATE WHORES” of corporations, and corruptions that are the perpetrators of the destruction of our children world wide, and the slavery of humanity.

They are the same Pharisees that Jesus condemned then and now, they are the money changers of robbery and thievery, lying, cheating, and hording of money, and human sacrifice.

They are the Jews that call themselves Jews and are not. The same demons that destroy the temples, and also Rome. The same demons that have kept on reincarnating to validate their existence, and continued their game and control over humanity, all religions, and foremost Christianity that it is not a religion but a way of living.
A way of living taught by Yahweh incarnated as Jesus.

They are the ones that have the law office of SATAN AND SATAN on every corner of every city in America, these includes hospitals, Walgreen stores, and doctor’s office; they are the same fuckwits that run Washington DC., with some exceptions, they are Bill Gates, The Big Pharma, the media, Hollywood, the judicial system, the Pope, the Queen, Monsanto, and the Mosad terrorists that are financed by the top Demons of Saudi Arabia, Quatar, and the puppets demons of corporate Israel, that have destroyed the Country of Palestine, their people, and their religion, that it is/was not Muslin.

And they are the same little minions that are in every county in continental United States usurping the lives of ordinary citizens by violating their god giving lawful civil rights, and bringing them to jail for profit, stealing their children, and their properties deliberately, intentionally, and knowingly by the police, county clerk, and the corporate judicial system, and their agents that are judges, attorneys, and esquires. They are the same ones that pray in the synagogue of Lucifer/Maloch to bring them wealth, fame, and lust in return to sacrifice one of our creator’s creations, our children, by killing them, and drinking their blood, and sexually abuse them, as well as confounding them into terrorists agencies where they would grow up to being not of use to society because the abuse they received there, and the medications that unnecessarily were giving to them to make profit, and that ruined their sustainable body system.

They are the same demons that runs the educational system where vaccinations are mandatory, and the teaching of sexual immorality is enforced as dishonoring one owned gender, homosexuality, and carnal addictions.

WHO in the right mind would want to eliminate our humanity but demons incarnated as humans. Who in the right mind would poison our waters, the vital air we breath, the food we eat, and harm all living system of our planet! Who in the right mind would not follow Constitutional law, except their own garbage to enforce it upon us, and deprive the people of their rights with deceptive fraud?
We the American people know exactly who our enemies are.

Fucking think!

YOU are no different.

In fact, you might be an oath keeper, and that have the audacity to pretend to defend the atrocities of killing our children, and then after apologized by saying that “some allegations about someone, and pedogate is baseless claim, and theories…!”

Pedogate, and or the pedophile ring is/are not a claim(s), and they are not theories. They are facts, and they are of the highest crimes to our human race. “Perhaps you should do real journalism before opening your mouth, perhaps you should stop being a warmonger, and a whore, and instead start to give the American people something of value, something of truth…, something that would bring peace to all humanity…, something that we know you know and refuse to talk about it…”

Throw the key of the gate of hell out, and do the right thing.
Further, all the fuckwits that are harming humanity needs to be taking out of planet earth, and immediately. We do not consent of these damnation of our people, and our planet.

~the people

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