Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th 2022: Changes

F594F52A-387E-4A35-98C4-141005C817C4_1_201_aEclipses are normal astrological events that happens often within every year. Eclipses could be Lunar or Solar. Lunar or Solar, eclipses always indicates changes.  Changes as that of START, or the END of something. These changes could happen suddenly; in a very unexpected way.

These changes could be personal- a sudden shake up, or outer world experience. And or on a mass scale as that of earth changes, such as earthquakes, storms, sudden incidents, and or changes in government; changes in communications, and or economical changes.

The energies from eclipses can be of heartwarming needed, or it can be generally hard; depressive, destructive, and emotional. And it is obvious due the changes taking place. Eclipses energies can bring light on one side of the spectrum and darkness on the other side. In another way, the energies from eclipses can bring progress in one area of our lives but at the cost of loss on the other side. Eclipses creates shadows, darkness at some level.

Normally, we do not like changes so easily due the fear of losing our comfort zone. However, eclipses do not care about our comfort zone unless we are very aware of what is taking place by taking protective measures as that of reciting the appropriate mantra during the eclipse, and or reciting it all ways, always as a mean of protection. Mantras are meant for bringing light on our path. The more clear our path is, the less effect the dark energies from eclipses would have on us.

This Lunar eclipse on the 8th of November 2022 occurs during a Full Moon. This is significant. And this is significant as well, due the Nak the Moon would be position+ and its hosts planets- without going into much details. It seems this Lunar eclipse would bring expansion- exposing of things that are hidden; restrictions+ eliminations. But as well it may bring the birth of something new. Something new where it focus on oneself; focusing on our needs. Our freedom. Our sovereignty. Making new goals; building new characters that would empower us. Building new ambitions. Having a name, fame, health, wealth; balance; taking control of everything! It seems the goal of this eclipse is getting rid of what no longer gives us any progress in our lives thus mayor reset+ and mayor reshuffling could be on the way!

This Lunar eclipse would be visible almost throughout the entire planet inclusive of Canada, part of the United States, and South America. This Full Moon is call, Blood Moon, due the reflective lights from the Sun unto the Moon during the eclipse. This full moon can be seeing at EST Time from 5.16 am on November 8th. And on UTC Time starting from 10.16 am. This Lunar eclipse last almost two hours.

During this eclipse and during these changing times we are navigating through, try NOT resisting changes. “Go with the flow “ as they say. Spend time with nature, take lots of rests, and do not let your emotions gets you down. Be strong+ and eat nutritious meals that would empower you. Further, buy yourself a pack of these tiny tins candles= white color, and every day lit one in the morning before starting your day. And asking your Father Moher God gives you, health, strengths, protection for you and your family, and our country. And Never blow the candle off! Let the candle burn until the end. This ritual is very powerful, as fire is sacred, and fire deliver.

Further, and for those that trust and know about the power from sacred deities, as that of Lord Ganisha. And during this eclipse and or always, say the Mantra:

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Ganisha

This mantra will protect you against dark energy+ and from your enemies+ and cleaning your body from stored memories that do not let you move forward.  Say this mantra three times in front of your burning candle every day, or 108 times accordingly, every day as well. This mantra works magic. It will change your life for the better!

Heart. Courage. Changes. Responsibility. Accountability. Balance. Nourishment. Health. Prosperity. Honor. Respect. Truth. Freedom. Sovereignty.= the path for a better future for everyone.

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