Trump Signed Right to Try Act into Law: Kick Ass!







This is huge! Who would have thought that any President would say for the wide world to hear.  “I do not care about the FDA. I really do not care. We care only for the people!” Yes Trump said this+ more, like for example the price for prescription drugs would be almost nothing.

Meaning the price for the drugs that the demons from the FDA prescribe for the American people would be very very low price!

This law Or Act if you will is here to stay= Signed into law perpetuity.

This also means that the American people do not need to hesitate using alternative medicine= natural medicines for treatments for their illnesses, nor would they need to fight with the crazy doctors+ insurance companies that do nothing more than to abuse: violate our rights when come choosing what it is best for us with our health.

We have the right to choose! Keep in mind that we always had that right, however, the FDA thought they own us.


Caution: do not vaccinate your children! Stand up for your god-giving rights! You are the one that decide the fate for your children= parents rule! There is no need for vaccinating healthy born children. Do not let the demons sell you vaccinations for them making profit by giving it to your children deliberately+ knowingly it would harm them= threatens the children cognitive development+ their lives.

We also like to remind everyone that your: Our health is our responsibility. Be careful what you ingest. Discern all that goes into your mouth, as well as what comes out of it! LOL.

Protect your temple= your body. Get plenty of fresh air. Take at least ten minutes a day of sun light+ kick your shoes off and walk barefoot! Be good to yourcells> and they would love you back big time!

Enjoy the good news. Enjoy your journey.

Love thycells. Be the beautiful you. Kick ass!


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~ the people

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