Truth can be very hard to accept









It will come the time when some of us suddenly jaw dropped and stay in that position for hours… days, months, or even years…(it is alright, you’ll get over it, just make sure you’ll get plenty of rest), OR some may want to hit their heads on the walls until it is bruised (we advice that you use your fist instead, still do not hurt yourselves, and please ask for divine intervention immediately…you will survive), OR some may feel this anger they never thought it was within them bursting out at one thousand miles per hour, thus they want to scream so hard, it does not matter if the entire neighborhood hears the screaming (we advice that you put a pillow in your mouth very tied and scream as much as you can… please take small recess, and resume as usual…When you have drained all your energy, you have succeeded).

AND NOW Since we all survived the TRUTH, it is an excellent idea to keep in mind that we are all participants of the grand deception whether you acknowledge this fact or not. THIS is not going to be easy for many, however, we must be warriors of truth, and anyone from now on that want to play deceptions and lies, you’ll be/we’ll be ready to fire back with the sword of Truth!

~truth by the truth and nothing but the truth

~L Fabre

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