Washington Post hidden Agenda:Jeff Bezos

Expose them: Destroy them

The American people are more than sick and tired about the deception: Crimes knowingly and intentionally committed to our people by Talmudic jewishcons demons: clones: mafioso as Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post: genocidal agent Bill Gate: Jorge Soros terroristcon, and as well all their corporal fuckwits agents, = US, = paid for hire whores as the CIA: FBI: The media: Worldwide Royalscons: Big Pharma: Hollywood: Disney: The police, and counties whores as corporal judges, counties clerks, and last but not least the BAR (attorneys: esquires: referees: public notary: the police), = Banks, = the whores that works together on mortgage fraud: evicting the American people from their homes, all in violation of public trust, violation of public peace: infringement, contract fraud: racketeering, = all working together with the Israeli jewish- saudis- Russian mobs. ~ – = For all be destroy: Report them: Indict them: Arrest them: Shoot them: Lockdown all their corporal courts: Their prison for profit system: All banks: AND all other local fuckwits as in building association boards: Associations, and or private entities that are utilizing: working together with these criminals committing the above crimes to our people for greed, prestige, and control; report them, arrest them, shoot them.

We want all be vanished unto minuscules molecules of nothingness in perpetuity.

Thank you for the lesson learned…

We the people want all that has been taking from us back, inclusive for all land: our wealth: and our freedom from manipulators.


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~ the people

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