Why Do We Grow Old?




“I am Ishcomar.

“Information has been requested of us concerning the shortness of your life cycles. We reply to you as follows.

“You have mentioned, in one of your mythologies, of a utopian center of existence, fabled to be the place of perfection for a paradisic environment designed specifically for perfect balance of living forms, including man beings.

“The composite history of this particular mythological story would be of intense interest to some of you, yet deeply disturbing, and undoubtedly alarming, to others.

“Our intent in this communication at this time is to bring your attention to only one part of the myth, that is not myth.

“It is stated, in your writings, a cherub with a flaming sword was placed at a gate to prevent man from return to the utopian center after his expulsion for disobedience (ulydighet) of a command.

“There is a scientific history to the parabolic myth, concerning this subject – of an obstacle standing between man beings and longevity.

“The cherub in the story is the satellite bound to your planet by orbital bonds. You call it the moon or luna. The sword that turns every way to keep the way of the tree of life, represents the radiation reflected by your moon from the solar body you call your sun.

“Direct passage of radiation through your atmosphere is of sufficient magnitude to generate, by ionic bombardment and exchange, ionosphere barriers to the passage of some harmful emanations from your sun by both absorption and reflection. On the opposite or night side of your planet, the barrier is stayed to virtual non-existence.

“Your moon, acting as a reflective surface, returns emanations and radiations to the surface of your planet.Not sufficiently strong enough for an adequate barrier to form, therefore, allowing passage through your atmosphere, energy that can be harmful to certain of your life forms. Damaging amounts of this energy reach the surface of your planet.

“Exact calibrations can be made to determine the strength of these reflective energies by computing absorption by the surface of your moon in the process of reflection and also alterations occurrmg during passage through your atmosphere. Although the variations of the strength of these energies are constantly occurring, precise measurements could be made at the surface levels of your planet. With technology now available to your technicians in your own world of scientific knowledgeability, these computations (beregninger) could be made.

“Your primary cause of premature aging of living systems which reach an age of maturity, will be found in these reflected energies.

“The secondary surges of ionic exchanges and activities that cause reactive accelerative activity among living cells results in conversion of non-maturing forms of life of this energy to mass, thereby producing accelerated growth and minimizes the damaging factors.

“The forms of life that reach the so-called state of maturity, therefore no longer retaining the ability to increase growth, become overburdened by excess energy through the secondary surges (bølge) of ionic activity, causing degenerative breakdown within the living cells – by causing premature (forhastet) cell replacements. During highs of energy surges, cell replacement becomes so rapid, wastes from replaced cells are not disposed of rapidly enough by the composite system in the being affected. This waste material, therefore, takes its secondary toll by interference with the normal functions of the living composite, causing further degenerative breakdown of the chemical balances and thereby increasing the ionic overload in the living cells, further accelerating cell replacement, adding again to waste.

“The circle spirals until the end result of complete breakdown of the living organism or one of its vital functions.

“What you know as the aging process, is primarily the results of this spiral effect, originated by reflected energies from your sun.

“Investigation of knowledge available to you will verify the key to this area of exploration by your own people.

“We will provide focus of attention. It is by your own decisions and reactions to the focus provided, what use the keys we provide are put to.

“Peace be with you.

“I am Ishcomar.”


Dear Callista,This is indeed a very important information and it explains why the moon must be removed or has been already removed as I wrote in my article on the magnetic pole shift. I did not know this relationship between reflected sun energy by the moon and its deleterious effects on human cell metabolism and the process of aging by creating/cutting telomers from DNA, but it makes perfect sense in the light of what I know so far about genetics and bio-science. I also wrote recently that the moon is placed at this orbit by the Anunnaki as to dumb down the human race by impeding its proper metabolism. This  has been now brilliantly confirmed by this information.This information is a “must” for every educated star seed. In this case we must assume that the moon has been already removed as an artificial celestial body, which is no longer compatible with the intensive LBP on earth  and either replaced by a holographic picture of it as not to disturb the masses yet or by a new higher frequency body, which is synchronized with the birthing of the new 5d-sun that will heave Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension. Given the basic knowledge that all systems in All-That-Is are interrelated and closely interwoven, this conclusion is simply inevitable.

Thank you for this crucial information that explains the strange observations with the moon during the last several months by many people and members of the PAT.

In love and light

Galactic Free Press
January 8, 2012


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