World Religious Leaders Say “Let’s Make Friends” as NASA Prepares for Space War






In what many believe is an effort to prepare the populace for “alien disclosure,” world religious leaders have launched a campaign urging people of all faiths to reach out to one another in friendship and unity. On June 14, they released a joint statement in video form available in 16 languages. View by clicking here. (For more information, visit the Elijah Interfaith website here.)

While on the face of it, this may seem like a nice gesture, it is rather confusing when one considers that NASA has been working overtime leaking supposed “proof” of a “secret space program” preparing people for war with aliens. Not to mention legislation recently introduced by Congress for a new “Space Corp” branch of the military (Click here to view the article).

It appears those who control the Live Earth Simulator are fully aware we are about to merge with natural Earth and have absolutely no clue what to expect. = Cindy K Currier 6/27/2017

Navigate: = CFR (Counsel of Foreign Relations= a terrorists-communist organization).

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