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Happy November! Today, 30 consecutive days of the powerful 11:11 Gateway are activated!

November is the 11th month.

11. 2016 is an 11 Universal Month Coming at the end of a 9-year cycle, this double 11:11 New Beginnings Portal is creating major pivot points, total shifts in perspective and activating awakening and profound liberation.

It’s really a big time for everyone – you are actually wrapping up unfinished business, not just for the year, but for the last nine years – since 2008. Making your natural connection to the divine, your spirituality a conscious choice every day has been a major calling… this is also because Neptune entered Pisces it’s “home sign” during this past 9-year cycle. (Neptune will be in Pisces for nearly one more decade and then not again for 150 years.)

Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, is very active in November.
And with the 11:11 code activated as well this month, you are going to feel much more sensitive to the unseen, more aware of your infinite, eternal connection to the divine and more empathetic towards others who may not agree with you…

It’s a pivotal time, the final two-month stretch in a nine-year cycle – which means, you can make LASTING changes and new beginnings.

Number 11 is always more intense since it’s a “master number” – doubling up on the original, creative, independent number 1 to create an 11 portal of ecstatic awakening.

As you surrender to the path through the 11 gateway, the actual portal itself represents your full surrender to the present.

Let go of your ideas of what the future should be or what the present should be. Worry is our projection of the past into the future. Fear of the unknown – worry – separates us from being in fully present now.

The other major theme for an 11:11 month is that we’re bringing opposites together.

The root number for 11 is 2. (11 = 1+1 = 2)

11/2 is a symbol of relationships.

11 invites us to unify the two sides, to bring balance by unifying the yin and yang, the dark and light, the male and female. Everything that seems like it’s an opposite of you comes into play now, because the opposite is really just a reflection to help you see the ultimate truth – the unification of dark and light.

Without opposites, we wouldn’t even know there is light and dark – we wouldn’t have the ability to see any contrast, right?

Both light and dark are necessary to welcome without judgment.

You are outgrowing any tendency to be controlled by the light or the dark! To literally welcome ALL of life – the sunshine AND the thunderstorms, and make the most of every morsel life has to offer.

This is how YOU create your own reality, how you CREATE and MANIFEST consciously, instead of escaping, running away and abdicating your divine energy.

That’s what 11 stands for in the highest order – to CULTIVATE and HONOR the light that’s naturally eternally present in you.
In order to do this, you must be fully accepting of everything and everyone.

It’s such a big month to overcome judgments of ourselves, first of all, and, of course, judgments of others.

There’s an opportunity here for you to lay the groundwork now for the next nine-year cycle, a truly stunning year which begins in January 2017.

So… the highest calling of the 11 is to bring the two 1s into one cohesive unit.

11 adding up to 2 – two people, two different energies coming together as ONE when we let go of separation and merge into a place of Love…

A totally commitment to love is the invitation:

Think of the two 1s in 11 as bringing your hands together into prayer.

Trust in the divine plan, by surrendering to the divine plan.

Enlightenment is yours, as you lighten up your life!

Welcome this pure 11:11 energy now.. and always remember – it is found at home, within you.

Blissing and Love,
Tania Gabrielle » Source



11.11 of 2016 is a profound date and day for us all to start reflecting on our own spiritual journey, and our intentions of what it is that we want to manifest on planet earth, for our families, our communities, and the country where we live.

LETS MAKE our intention be heard to Father/Mother God, the company of heaven, and our individually I AM Presence of all humanity:

We the people of the Republic of the United States of America are ready to bring an end to the division of our people that until now has brought much pain and suffering to the rest of us all, and the world.

WE are ready to cease and desist slavery of our people imposed by the corrupted few that disguised until now as government of the people.

WE are ready to reclaim our inheritance of financial security and independence, as it is our divine universal right to have.

WE are ready, and responsible to end poverty, homelessness, and the abuse of the elders, our children, our animal kingdoms… all creatures; the destruction/harm of our vital resources as our waters, the air we breathe, our food we eat, our land, our planet!

WE are ready for the disclosure/manifestation of NESARA/GESARA, and the disclosure of all that has been hidden from us by the controllers.

WE are ready for our militia/military to do their job of protecting our people, and our Republic as it is the law of our Country.

WE are ready for us all to protect each other, love each other, honor each other, and respect each other.

WE are responsible of our thinking, actions, and manifestations.

WE are responsible of BE’ing and DO’ing that that would benefit the empowerment of ALL, our planet earth, and the universe.

WE are declaring our freedom, liberty, sovereignty, peace, harmony, and eternal love for everyone, and all expressions of life, and our beloved planet earth.

So be it, be it so

~the people united we stand as ONE in love



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