What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Super Moon of 11/14/16?









This Full Moon Super Moon (pedigree) in Taurus (22 degrees) is at 9:52 am AST (Atlantic Standard Time) and this will be a powerful One.

This Full Moon will be 30 percent brighter and is the largest fullest Super Full Moon since 1948. Stay up or get up early to take in the full impact (as close to the Full Moon as possible) if it is a clear sky where you are.

Anyone with Taurus (Ascendant, Sun or Moon) close to the 22 Degrees Taurus will feel this even more powerfully.

This Full Moon is in Taurus opposing the Sun in Scorpio, trine Pluto and sextile Chiron is a powerful and illuminating Full Moon and Super Moon. Bringing to Light the emotional balance within you (or not) through all that arises.

The Moon is happy in Taurus. This is a DEEP time, One that activates, the Love of the Divine, deep into the sensual Earthy Taurus. Where spiritual and physical ARE ONE. Already.

Your emotional (memories) connected to beauty, physical comfort, money and love may surface now. This is part of your process and your Evolving. Mass consciousness is going through this SHIFT in a Huge Way (impacted today/on11/11 and every moment) as the Ascension process continues in a huge way.

The LEVELS available now, through this process will bring to Light, through all that are ready (as part of their Destiny) the revealing as true Spiritual MASTERS ~ beyond anything seen before.

It is through the Physical vehicle that all this takes place. The Love of the Divine and Physical, is the unified Love, where the spiritual and physical MERGE. This Full Moon in Taurus may be emotional for many.

All old beliefs opposing the marriage of spirit with matter will arise to be cleared, WITHIN. Till all is dissolved and loved through the Ascension process.

This is the process of mastery.

Go DEEP within. It is all within you. The impact is within you. The transformation is within you. Let go of how things appear externally and embrace how you FEEL within you. Connect more deeply to the Divine You.

Your Higher Self.

Trusting the process.

Feel the Beauty of the Divine.

The Love of the Divine.

The Abundance of the Divine, within you.
Prepare to be activated.

To merge spirit and matter within you.

In the Divine Light of your Higher Self.

Your Divine Presence.

All Now. In the Glorious Beauty of All That is. The Beatific Radiance of the Higher Self. In the PURE innocence of Divinity and Divine Love.

Always Now. And so it is! I love you!
Eternal Love and Bliss!
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We’re quickly approaching a Super Full Moon on November 14th.

And in case you’re not familiar with the term… A Super Moon is when the Full Moon is in direct alignment with the Sun, and is also at its closest point to Earth due to the Earth’s rotation.

The concept of a “Super Moon” was coined by Richard Nolle, an Astrologer who first came up with the term about 30 years ago!

It’s when the Moon is about 16,000 miles, or 6% closer to the Earth than normal… This sounds rather unusual… But really, “Super Moons” happen several times a year, and the difference in brightness, and size isn’t incredibly noticable to the naked eye.

There is however a size difference, and according to astronomers, the November 16th Super Full Moon will be the closest and brightest Full Moon since 1948… And then the Moon won’t be as close to the Earth as it is now until November 25, 2034!

The Spiritual Meaning of A Super Full Moon. So what is the meaning of a Super Moon from a spiritual perspective?

Essentially… It equates to supercharged Full Moon energies. Which when harnessed correctly can be an immensely positive thing… But can also lead to emotional turmoil, and the surfacing of old issues, drama, etc.

Think of it in terms of a really bright light shining towards the Earth… The light is immensely beneficial, but in the process it reveals some of the lower vibrational, darker, and heavy energies that up until this point have been hidden.

But this is not a bad thing!

In fact, this specific upcoming Full Moon is one of the best of the year for emotional healing because of the fact that it is shining a light upon old and heavy energies still lurking in the shadows. It takes revealing what is hidden in the shadows before we’re able to release, transform, neutralize or dissolve these lower vibrational energies.

Alas, beneath the light of the Super Full Moon, expect deep desires, past hurts and wounds, as well as inner callings to rise up to the surface… As a brilliant light exposes where you are in alignment with your highest values…

And where you’re not… (This is playing out collectively as well…) The lesson, is to allow what arises to be okay… To love what arises within you, and what is rising up in the world during this powerful time of release and transformation. And to then let it go…

Loosen your grip…Be, breathe, observe, and allow the energies to heal and empower you. To align with your true values…And your true self.



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