Good old Dad

I am thinking, that way before we are born, our parents were chosen for us, and the reason for this is because of our Karma, or Law of Cosmic Justice that apply to everyone, and everything created in the universe.

There are not that many people out there that want to know about this nor are they willing to learn. Regardless, when we died, the judges of Karma have in their tribunal the book of our lives written. The judges of Karma duel within us, and nothing goes un-notice in the book of our lives. Nothing.

We have to keep in mind that if we are here in this lifetime, in this planet called Earth, is because we owed Karma to the upper world, or the universe. When we have debts to pay we must pay it some way or another, but most important we can never live in the heavenly skies when we have debts to pay as well as egos within us. That is the law.

Depending in our previous lives, we are born in a chosen family, a chosen country, and if worthy, a chosen heavenly planet. This is something for us to reflect upon.  For example, have you ever wonder why some of us are born in a wealthy family while others are born so poor? Some are born in family of thieves, alcoholics, murders, etc. While others are born in a moderate family somewhere in the country side, breathing the fresh air, and cultivating the earth until they died of old age?  The reason for this is that the judges of Karma knows very well who will be the right parents to lead us to the path of paying our debts from our previous lives.

One example, if in your previous life you were a bad parent, one that left his wife and children for someone else, or someone who did not showed love to his children, chances are that you will be born in a similar family next time around because you will have to go through the same effects (or suffering if you want to call it) that you caused them. That is why in the Bible it says, a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye. Meaning what you did to others it will be done unto you. Some people take this upon their own hands, causing then double the punishment from Karma, which reminds me that there it is a say that goes: Just turn the other cheek. This is actually what we should do but not too many people in this society of ours are willing to do that. Come to mind also why history keeps repeating itself, of course! Cause and effect until we all get it right, is that simple.

This makes me think about my previous life, and my dad in this lifetime, and the way that he treated me. My dad was a very good dad, and like any good parent, he wanted the best for me, and that started with my education right from the day that I was born. He did not have that much education himself, but whatever he knew, he for sure was going to teach it to me.

Vividly I can still remember my first day of kindergarten. My dad took me proudly to my first day of school. He had a talk with the teacher, and then I was left alone looking at a tall, over weight teacher in a classroom with not that many students. I wanted to cry so bad when my dad left me in that school, but then suddenly some pretty blue eyes caught my attention, which was by the way, my very own little cousin, seating next to me!

Like magic, and after a few days I became the teacher’s pet since I already knew how to read and write. in fact I even knew how to do simple math. The name of my teacher was the hardest thing for me to pronounce and even write it. But she assured me that I would get it right in no time. Her name was Miss Enriqueta, which now that I think, is the female opposite name of Enrique, the male name. There are some very famous people with that name, like for example, Enrique Iglesias senior, and Enrique Iglesias junior, just to give you an idea.

With my dad help, every day sitting by my side, and making sure I did my home work, her name was a piece of cake within days. And within a few months I was sent to second grade. Not first grade but second grade! And I have you known that I found myself teaching second grade. My teacher was confident enough that I could guide the other students to read and write better than she did, she told me.

When I finished with my fourth grade I was almost ready to teach high school. All of these because of my dad persistent discipline to learn what I need it to learn. He was also to me the most handsome man on hearth, and walking holding hands on the streets with him was heaven to me. I was his angel, and he was my man.

He loved to take me shopping, and one thing that I remember most is that when he took me to buy shoes for example, he wanted me to put on the new shoes and throw the old ones away! I used to fight to keep my old shoes with me. I still do not know why he wanted to do that. No one in the right mind will do that!

Another thing he used to do was for me to take care of his guests when they came to visit. A guest could be a family member for example, and or a neighbor. I was taught to be a good host when someone came to visit us. Hospitality was a big issue with him. He used to tell me that we must treat others with respect. Further, by the time I was twelve, I knew how to handle any conflict that arise in the family, as well as to prepare a big meal for every one!

Then when I was a teenager, and as we all know teenagers are not afraid of anything, but anyways, we lived closed to the beach, and walking in my bathing suit to the beach was no big deal for me. Long and behold, every time that I though I was walking all by myself to the beach, my dad was all the way behind me watching that I got to the beach safe! Which comes to think now, it was insane for me to do such of thing! Someone could off have done some harm to me.

And now I thanks my dad for being there for me when I did not know what I was doing.

Now my dad is eighty-four years old, and he is still a good-looking guy, I have you known that he has all his hair, never gained any weight, and he has that sneaky smile on his face that I know very well he is up to something. I visit him often, and when I call him on the phone I ask, “Who is talking to you, Dad? Then after a few seconds he said, “Oh my god, what are you asking me? Girl, what is wrong with you? Of course I know who you are!” Then I went on saying, “And who am I?”

He answered, “You are the cry baby, that’s who you are.” According to him, I used to cry for anything when I was younger. We both laughed and always have a good chat.

Which makes me think that in my previous life I was probably someone who did the same thing to, let say my children, and now I need it to complete; match again what I had already giving, or get back what I’d giving. And that chapter of my life is now closed. Meaning that I will need to move forward with my life to experience all that I need to experience in order to climb the tree of my life, which is to acquire knowledge of who I am. And the more aware I am of this, the more aware I would be of my own self.

That is why my dad and my family are the perfect people for me to realize that. They needed it be the best teachers. My grandmother for example was a tremendous help in teaching me the path to spiritual knowledge as well. And my mother too with her passive attitude about everything that came into her life. They are all together as a family working towards my path to knowledge, towards the awakening of who I am, as well as them working on their own path.

We need be grateful of our own family, the people around us, and the ones that cross our path as well, because strange as it may seems, they are helping us grow through the journey of our own life.

~LFabre this posting





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