A Call To Awaken~ From our Brethren of the Stars


* The craft felt very tiny as it hovered just above the water, and I was conscious of being perched at the opening of a doorway or a hatch.  My hands gripped the edges of the wall, and I sat in a crouched position, like I was getting ready to pounce.  I looked behind me, over my shoulder, and saw a familiar face;  short brown hair, twinkling blue eyes, a mischievous smile…  And then I hit the icy water with a shock-I must have jumped and landed right back in my own livingroom!



Indeed, it is I, my darling girl, and I have a message of some importance I wish to impart to The Crew.  Forgive me, please, for the harsh return from your lovely meditation.  That was, in truth, a replay of your work with us last evening.  It’s the way we sent you back.  Had to get your attention somehow, didn’t I?

What I wish to say is that the walls are coming down now and the changes, they are but a breath away.  Yes, I know, we see you as you scurry to and fro, in pursuit of your survival.  Work, drive, study, shop, eat, sleep, perhaps a spot of the TV watching.  Same go around, day in and day out.  Mundane, isn’t it, and rather hypnotic?  You see the sameness on the surface and you think, “Oh, well.  Nothing’s ever going to happen here.”  And so you carry on.  A good lot of you don’t believe us, that much is happening that you can’t yet see.  I am here, as are the legions of our Light Teams, the away-teams, and for those who don’t remember-we are the ones who walk amongst you unnoticed.  We come for an hour or perhaps a day.  We are your family and co-workers from your homes in the stars and aboard ship.  Our task is to slow down our personal vibrations in order to move within the confines of your human society, and so assess your progress and the current energies at hand.  I walk with you, along the busy sidewalks of your city.  And for this day in time I get to feel as you feel and see as you see, experiencing firsthand humanity’s frustrations and it’s ignorance of the turmoil that is raging all around.  How odd it feels to know what it’s like to not see this.  It astounds us to experience this as you do.  It is exhausting to say the least,  maintaining this pervasive state of illusion.  We see that so many still are choosing to turn a deaf ear to the messages we send, and that a sufficient portion of our own groundcrew remain in slumber.  They choose to not know.  It is too upsetting, too invasive to their current way of life.  Their intuitive gifts are dulled to such a degree as to render us astounded.  It is up to you, the awakened ones, to extend to them a hand in friendship and to hope and pray that they will listen.  No small feat, I agree.  I have been human many times, and I know the way of it.

So, we are here in a show of Unity.  We can be found at all the many places that you frequent.  Sometimes we make a purchase or we may ask you for directions.  We’ve been known to speak a friendly word or to admire your familiars (Declan is speaking of our pets).  We know who each of you are in truth, dwelling within the confines of the human bodysuit, and we behold you in the fullness of your authentic power and glory.  To have endured this as long as you have is nothing short of miraculous in our eyes.  Even the ones most soundly sleeping are still in full connection with their highest selves.  They could not otherwise survive here.  But now it is time to stop pretending to be that which you are not, and to help the lost ones within your ranks to snap out of their third-dimensional trance.  Far too many of our crew has become complacent.  There is much work to be done.  It is written, they have contracted to do it, and by Divine agreement at that.  In some way-whatever way it is you choose to do it-you are being called upon to wake them up.  Write, speak, make a movie, engage them in friendship. Whichever.  You are healers and messengers, each and every one of you.  And you have such a stunning amount of help at your fingertips, and not just from your crew.  Your brothers, Raphael and Michael stand ready and are waiting to assist you. You need only to call on them and they will provide you with ideas and point you in the right direction.  Remember to always be tactful and patient.  I am speaking to you as a voice of The Brethren as a whole, for it matters little from which vessel or star system you originate.  We sympathize with the discomfort this brings to so many of you-my dear AuroRa, most especially-but there will be time aplenty to rest comfortably upon your laurels, when our jobs are done.  

It is crucial at this time that all the Lightworkers find some way to be in service to the ascension process.  Whether it simply be to hold the light in your community or in the example you set for others to follow.  Everything little you do is of value.  Tremendous changes are getting ready to overtake the planet.  Suffice it to say, there will be many a gentle soul who will be taken aback when it becomes evident that something big is happening.  They have lived for lifetimes under the oppression of the Cabal, most of them not even knowing they are oppressed at all!  They will see their lives being turned-inside out and upside-down.  We despair that this is so, but there is very little we can do at this point to prevent it.  For these,  the road to Paradise will be paved initially with shock and mistrust.  It will take some time for them to see the truth for the blessing that it is.  Some are such young and wounded souls, they’ll seem but babes in the schoolroom to you.  It is you, the teachers, the healers and the leaders that you are who will be there there to take them by the hand and show them that all will be soon set aright. 

Beloved Readers, I sit alone this night upon a lonely stretch of windswept beach, along the rugged shores of my beloved Britain.  Embedded in my very soul, this land shall ever be!  I contemplate with you the future of this planet I so dearly love, and have for many lifetimes called my home.  In the eyes of your Universal family, the times ahead look nothing short of magnificent.  If only all of you could see it as I do, through the eyes of one to whom time has no relevance.  It is in this way that Disclosure is a thing of the present.  It is already a reality, a foregone conclusion.  Done and done.  A touchy subject this is for you, I know.  It is the area in which your patience has reached it’s limits and your faith in us is being tested.  But trust me as I say that your world is transforming and the tyranny is waging it’s last war upon your lovely planet.  We make ready for the full removal of the old Cabal.  Expect news of this to come as a whisper in the night at first, with the absences of these individuals to become more noticeable as the weeks and months wear on.  Believe me, this is no small feat, even with the technologies we have at our disposal.  They know well that it is time for them to surrender and face the ending they themselves created.  Immature, misguided souls they are, down to they very last one.  They will be justly dealt with by our merciful Creator.  Indeed, they take their leave of Earth, and embark upon a journey to a place where their actions will not take a toll on others.  I may only say this land is stark and lifeless, a place of greyness and no color.  It possesses none of the great beauty of the Earth.  There they will find only rocks and sand, with nary a tree or an ocean to pollute and defile.  It is a safe locale, and is a place of learning.  Loved and tended they will be, by the strongest of instructors and healers.  Be aware that in actuality, this process has already begun, though I dare not say when it will conclude.   I keep no faith with misleading dates and times, for all is ever-changing, as you know.  

I take my leave now, as my transport rises up to fetch me, from the waves below this rock. And no, no, no…we do not ever harm the fishes!  I ask only, dear AuroRa, that you share my endless ramblings with all you wish to listen to my words.  Join together with us,  your family and friends who watch you from up in the clouded skies.  Together we shall shall pierce the veil of secrecy and illusion and be together once more.


Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  

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