About The Solstice By The Elohim

Dear Co-creators,

As you are now being intiated and baptized into your christed self thru the encodings of this Solstice, we would like to point out a few things to be aware of the coming months and to clarify the implications and effects of this on the request of this vehicle (Grace Elohim):

Beloved ones, being an embodiment of christ consciousness will enable you to navigate easier thru the energies, the dense energies that you inevitably will encounter in the coming weeks and months thru the dismantling and transmutation of the old paradigm in the continual and increased solar activity outpour, but it will indeed allow you to interact from a place of compassion and non-judgement and it will leave you unattached, if you manage to persistently act from your sacred heart space. But it is a continual dicipline to be acting and living from the heart. Being a living embodiment of christ, does not free you from this work and is indeed part of the nature of christhood to be unwavering pillars of love and light. Thru the increased polarization taking place the coming months, you will be made projection screens by the ego and unconsicous patterns of others, so you may say, that as your light grows, so does your challenges to keep your heart focus and remaining unattached and non-judgemental. It is a continual exercise, but one that you have commited to thru serving divine will. We stress, that to be embodiments of christhood does not automatically mean, that you will no longer have feelings of pain, distress or fear, however you will be in the position to observe it from the higher perspective of your soul and allow them to move thru you, rather than being attached to them, they will simply filter thru your auric field and body. However it is important to remember, that it is not yours, but simply the debris of old distorted energies being stirred to the surface to be transmuted in your light. You are becoming ultra sensitive to the pain and despair of others in your nakedness and availability to be with what is. Let this be an opportunity to exercise compassionate detachment and heart focus.

Increasingly you will have the feeling of alienation to your I-dentity and human form, as you are becoming crystaline in nature thru the continual morphing of your physical vehicle. Do not feel disturbed or fearful about this, it is only an evidence of the advancement of the transmutation process of your body. This work will indeed continue for quite a while, as your body is going thru the alchemical process from being carbon based into becoming a silicon based lifeform similar to that of a crystal. Everything is overlooked and facilitated by your soul and personal ascension team. Thus it is paramount in the coming weeks and months to keep a strong focus from an observer status to avoid being caught up in old belief systems or the projections of others. And it is indeed in your power and free choice to consciously step into the new earth, which is not a physical place, but simply another vibration right here, right now within your heart… it is the frequency of the 5th dimension of awakened christhood. Some of you are already “there”, others are “moving in and out”, because their focus and light body still needs to be totally stabilzed. Some of you also fall into the trap of reducing your vibratory rate to “sympathize” with family or loved ones, however this neither honors them nor you in serving your divine purpose as embodiments of christ love and immaculate design…. no matter what happens around you, no matter what others choose to do. This is your most important task at this present moment as christed beings of light and in any given moment to be unwavering pillars of light. We thank you for your devoted heart, for your light and love and devotion to serve the ONE as ONE. You are the lighthouses that will lead others to the safe haven of christ love. You are the 144.000.

Be blessed.

Received thru Grace Elohim June 21st 2012. Feel free to share this transmission with credit and link to my website:http://www.graceelohim.com/


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