A fragile reality falling

Everything in our world’s reality today seems to be falling into the abyss of blackness and we are unable to find solid ground on which to get our balance and find security. It seems as if each step we take the ground begins to fall away beneath us and we must jump to the side only to have the process repeat itself again. The veil between this world and the world we are headed to is so thin and transparent now, much like the wings of a butterfly. The lies once thick and overbearing able to hide from the world the naked truth are now transparent as well. We see them all, the empty words spilling from political mouths, they are so obvious it is painful to watch. They are far behind in their awakening, they actually think the people will fall yet again for their grandiose lies to get them elected where they will promptly turn around and do just the opposite. What sad theatrics are unfolding.

News stations scramble to do the dirty work of the dark ones reporting lies and withholding the truth from the people. They smoother us with reporting about the candidates best suited to continue the agendas of the dark ones and they refuse to report on the candidates who truly want to bring positive change to this country. They have already begun rigging votes so one has to wonder why we should even bother voting. One has to wonder if they held the election and nobody came what would happen. That is what truly needs to occur. Americans need to find their courage to resist and stop what is in process right now to control us all. Peaceful resistance and non compliance is a way to hold the light in our hearts. Continue to love all but refuse to participate in destroying America.

This is the delicate dance I spoke of yesterday. We must not sit idly by and do nothing to resist this assault on humanity, but we must not dwell in the negativity either. We can become active by not complying, we are needed for this change, but we must not get caught up in the theater taking place or the chaos that may ensue. We are needed right now to help awaken those still deep in slumber so they can see and face the truth, but we will also be greatly needed after the crash, and it is coming in the immediate future. People will need to be lifted up out of despair and shown there is another way out of the flaming, smoldering rubble. Because the old paradigm has fallen in ruins does not mean our lives are over. Quite to the contrary! It means the new world can now begin to build itself and our freedom has begun!

This is the message everyone needs to be getting now. It should be blaring over loud speakers all around the world. We MUST allow the system to fail and fall before we can bring in the new!!! The dark ones want you to feel the world will fall into chaos and cease to be if we don’t try to save it. What they are trying to save, my friends, is their grasp on the entire world! To lose that grasp is to lose it all and lose they must! Just like we needed to release old issues to clear out space for love to come into our hearts, we must clear out the old debris of 3rd dimensional living so we have space to begin to erect the new world. This is what I mean by do not listen to the lies. We will NOT lose everything if the dark world crumbles. Understand there is a whole new system waiting in the wings to be brought forth when the old paradigm finally falls. Much work has been done to create it. It is ready and so are we! Resist their fear and embrace their downfall for all will be reborn in splendor.

Please remember that this battle between light and dark is all about our minds and who controls them. Do NOT let them control yours. We must think for ourselves and break free from what they are trying put in our heads.  See the truth for what it is. If you pay close attention you can begin to see through the transparent lies. Once you are alerted to the truth you will see the lies everywhere and even find humor in their attempts to capture us. We must extricate ourselves from the old system and expand our minds into accepting a whole new way of thinking and being. A way of love and compassion and respect for all of the earth. Regain your caring and you will see what we have done to abuse her. This must stop and all of the inhabitants of earth, both 2 legged, 4 legged, and rooted must be regarded as family and cared for. Then  and only then will the new world will flourish and we shall finally know peace and happiness.

Blessings to you all,



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