Nothing to fear from the Darkness

My name Kali, comes from from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death. I am the ‘black one’, Shiva’s consort. I am also known as the Goddess of Time and Change. There is much said of me as being the Shining One and the Goddess of Darkness. I encourage change and for one to accept themselves truthfully as they are, not what they pretend to be.

The pain and sorrow that you have witnessed, experienced and gone through must not be denied while on your journey here. You do not conquer them by finding excuses for them. The pain and sorrow you have experienced are intertwined with your very existence. To ignore the relevance of the pain and the sorrow you have dealt with holds freedom to greater knowledge. Balance in all is important. From great growth, even along your spiritual journey to enlightenment, honesty within yourself is a must.

When entering the unknown it is not unusual to enter darkness. Do not fear this darkness. You cannot embrace the light you seek without facing some darkness. As you move along your destined path, you move forward as you pass through different doors, either from removing past events that have been draining your energy for so long, facing the truth about yourself and those around you, letting go of old ways in order to adopt new, more efficient ones, etc. As you successfully move through each part, you are seeing and finding more light. Its this light that entices you to continue.

I have a healthy appetite. I will devour everything that is represented by self-absorbed ego and ignorance. It is visible and known that many people speak one way, but act another….STILL; after all this time. The world has become much more advanced in just about every way, and yet there are so many people of this beautiful planet that prefer to remain ignorant of other people’s beliefs but they want other people to listen to them. The path you are on, requires you to work together, learn and share as much as you can and to love with your whole being. Your path, that brings you to enlightenment does not require to be at opposite ends.

It is good to challenge another sometimes, in order to get them to think deeper, harder. When this pushing becomes noticeable by the other as no longer being kind, take a look at yourself. Maybe, just maybe you are pushing another so hard because of something to do with YOU. This is a time for absolute honesty with yourself, your whole self, not just what you think people want to hear. Hiding behind fronts for your peers, regardless if its in your immediate community or one that is technically based, is unnecessary and shows a sense of falseness. What are you hiding from? Me? I can see all and so can your God. But you already know this, so why hide? I know you will not answer this here as this is not the place. But this is the place to help birth new thoughts, and bury old ones that hold no value any longer. I know you will come to your own answers to those questions I have set out which are examples on which you could be asking yourself.

I ask of you to shake away your ignorance and learn to see the many beautiful people that surround you and allow your ego to shrink. A being that is truly open to the Spirit does not require the EGO. Because that being that person already knows they do not have to prove anything to anyone and they are accepted as they are. You do not need pretty walls, or pages of well decorated half truths. The full truth is always much more appreciated, even if a little difficult at first. Being of who I AM, the truth is very important to uphold.

You have always had the choice to being someone who destroys or someone who creates. You have many choices and yes you are responsible for all that you have chosen so far. There may have been others that have ‘twisted that arm’, but you allowed that twisting to happen. It is natural to want to please, but to what extent? There will come a time when you will see and feel the imbalance in your lives and then you will want to go back and fix the past, but the past cannot be changed, only learned from.

I, Goddess Kail, the goddess of many things including darkness, comes forth to remind you, all of you that there is a world that has been devastated by so much destruction, ignorance, pain, sorrow, suffering, the list is large. It is now time to find balance. Love, accept, learn comfort, guide and respect those around you and who is across this beautiful planet. People of humble nature is required, loving souls are needed, beings that are truly honest with themselves and can accept people have the RIGHT to be different. So much talk about what resonates with one person. Learn what this means. Its okay to not agree with one person’s ideas, but it doesn’t mean its okay to rain down on the one you don’t share the same beliefs with. Your opinion does count, but so does theirs. You want them to consider your way, guide them gently and let them choose on their own and respect the choice.

I have spoken enough for this day, I will return if I feel it necessary through this child. I love all of you and embrace each of you, and the Mother I also am.

Namaste, Goddess Kali

Channeler: Jullie Miller

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