I am Archangel Michael and I come to you in the pure infinite love of the creator. This is the pure love that is manifesting itself in your world. It is the love that will transform you in an instant into the purity of the heart and mind of god. Why not align yourself with this great glory. Why remain in the darkness of war, sorrow and greed. I call you to stand up and take the power that is being given and move into the new age of peace and prosperity with grace and love.

We make this great move together and we see you moving away from the lower energies of negativity. The old energies will not support the great light you are being given. Turn away from the negative and make choices based in serving the light of love and forgiveness. Do not fear the changes that you enter when moving into the light. There is a level of unease that is generating in most of you as you change. This fear and unease is due to separation with an energy that you may have known for many lifetimes. For eons of time now you have be experiencing energies at lower frequency.  As you move up in frequency the purer light of the creator no longer allows for lower energies to exist. This change in your world is creating a level of chaos and unease as the lower energies begin to dissipate and fall. Those who stay within the lower vibrations will generate fear, lack and illness within themselves. Through these changes in your world look on those stuck in the lower vibrations with love and compassion.

As you move away from the lower energies your vibration will increase and you will expand your heart and compassion for others. It is very important to see all others in the light of the creator. See them as a god spark just like you are and help them to overcome their fear. You do this by shining your light of peace on them and giving them unconditional love and support. Each soul will make their on choice through the free will of their higher self. Honor every person in knowing that not all are going to align with the new light and through their free will may choose to stay in the lower vibrations.

As chaos progresses in your world know that we are with you and supporting you in your ascension. Know that the old must fail for the new the push through. This is what is happening in your world, personally and as a group consciousness. There will be a short period of birth pain from one stage of existence to another. Keep your eyes set on the prosperity and glory that awaits you past the changing of the ages.

I Archangel Michael and the host of Heaven are with you. Ask for our assistance and we will respond!

In the love of the infinite creator!

And so it is!



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