Unlock your lower energy vibrations

Bring to a higher level of “light frequency vibrations” your lower and dark energy level within you by practicing daily: kindness, compassion, and love, as well as not being judgemental. Do yourself a great favor and just BE, meaning that you are being one with All, that whether you like it or not you are part and parcel of everything that IS, as well as what ever is happening all around you. Do not resist, do not push yourself on being the first or last-just BE, and then move on with the flow.

Once your energy vibration are in tune to a higher frequency level, all your sicknesses, diseases, bad moods, and  rampant egos attitude will disappear! You’ll be a happy YOU! The door of your heart will open and then you’ll be able to talk to your inner God when ever you wish one on one.

And these words should always be part of your daily living vocabulary:

“I love you”

“I am sorry”

“Please forgive me”

“Thank you”

Remember that you are a “light Being of love” and contaminating everyone is part of your nature. YOU ARE THE LIGHT, YOU ARE LOVE.

MANTRA: I Am High Vibration, I Am That That I Am .


L Fabre


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