Addicted to the Moon


The other day a friend of mine told me that I should go and take pictures of the moon just as I do of the Sun. “The full moon start on the 27th of this month of December of 2012. All you have to do is check the time of when the full moon will shine her majesty all the way East, same way as the sun does at Sunrise,” She said.

In truth, it never occurred to me go during the evening and on the beach somewhere, wait for the Full Moon too appears so I could take pictures. If I ever took pictures of the moon was through my bedroom window, and they were not that very good ones.

I got myself ready yesterday the 28th instead, and went to the beach to wait for the Full Moon. The beach was dark and cloudy but regardless, there it were many people waiting to see the moon too! Thoughts of all kinds crossed my mind, I mean, could it be that people love the moon more than the Sun?

When that tip of the moon appeared, camera flashes came from all directions all the way until this moon shone in its entirety, exactly as it does the sun during sunrise!

And it crossed my mind that perhaps the moon is the sun disguising as such?

Everyone was trying having their pictures taken with the huge moon behind them! And I was observing, and enjoying the shuffling around from everyone, and I even laughed with the things that they were saying, such as joking one another. And some couple as well, were hugging and kissing as if the moon had just blessed their love for each other.

Then a lady approached me and said, “Oh no, you sure have the right camera for this, maybe you could take pictures of us….” Then before she said anything else, her husband grabbed her by the arms and said, “No, no, we are going home. We’ll be back tomorrow, thank you…”

Smiling, they both left the beach as if they have had enough!

Then later on after having enough moon for the evening, I left the spooky beach too, thinking that next morning I will go to the Pier to take some morning’s wild birds pictures.







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