Dancing with the Sun


I am lucky to live close to the ocean because as it is, I am crazy about the water, the Earth, and the Sun!

Every morning I do my morning walk, as well as welcoming the love of my life= the Sun.

There are many people that like me do the same thing, and many times I have many interactions with these people. In fact most of the time they come up to me and introduce themselves. And what I discovered is that these people are full of wisdom, kindness, compassion, love, and a willingness to connect with others on ways that it can empower those they meet, whether by sharing a smile, information, ideas, email, phone number, and Facebook page, just to name a few. They are not intimidated by what your religion or believes are, nor are they there to teach, or prove anything. They are simply trying to empower the connectedness of us human so it can raise awareness to a higher level, and to me that is love.

I call these people human angels. Anyways, I met this man who every morning when I went to the beach, there he was sitting on a beach chair, waiting for the Sun to rise like a flame of light as he usually does. He was an older man. Long and behold one day I approached him and I said, “Hi!” He looked at me long and then said, “I was wondering when was the day that you were going to stop by.” Laughing aloud I said, “Oh, so you’ve been watching me, huh?”

Quickly he answered, “Let me tell you one thing, any person that worship the Sun like you do is a friend of mine.”  I smiled, and quickly as well, made myself comfortable on the sandy ground by his side. And like two old friend that never met before, we had a blast talking about the magnificent sun! He told me that this humanity would be honoring the sun God each second of their lives if they knew who the sun really is.

And for months everyday, or when possible, “The old man by the sea” as I call him and I, shared endlessly topics that at the end, like he said were the results, or outcome of nothing less and nothing more than the choices each of us made.

On other occasions I met people so deep into adoring the Sun that they personally look like a shinning star. Well, let me explain. This woman in particular was so much charged with the love energy from the Sun, she was radiant! And I am not talking about being burned by the sunlight, I am talking about sunlight within her heart, her beingness. Her smile was contagious. Every time she smiled, I believed that smile went traveling miles, and miles. But what it was more magical was the words that came out of her mouth, the synchronicities she used to express herself so clear. I remember she telling me, “How much blessings can one ask for when the Christ light is all day showering you?” We laughed!

And then sometimes I see her again, and again in her sacred space adoring the Sun on the early sunrise with her open harms up to the sun welcoming him as if life is being born again.

But today, one day after Christmas of 2012, I am at the beach as usually doing some meditation, walking, and finally sitting and waiting for the sunrise, and with my camera on hands. However, a black cloud is covering the sunrise today, so I am just watching people pass by, and enjoying my solitude instead.

Then suddenly I see this woman who is chasing the birds, but it seems like the birds are chasing her as well! I am saying to myself, this would have been a great shot if the sun was up!

Long and behold, holding a drink within her hands the woman approached me and introduced herself to me. Then she asked me if I took some pictures, I answered, “No.”  Then quickly I went on and said, “Oh, you are so young and pretty…” Smiling she answered, “I am twenty-five.”

She was full of zest, totally fearless, and with a big sincere smile on her face. She told me not to mind all the paint on her body, as she is painting her apartment. She said she lives close by, however, she said she took a break to come to the beach to love, and welcome Jesus, as she does every morning. I noticed that when she said the word Jesus, she pulled from under her hoody a cross and kissed it. Then suddenly she said she will go back to bother the birds so I could take some really good pictures!

Then like a child she runs towards the birds making them fly everywhere! Then enjoying the moment, I start to shoot with my camera.

Then she came back to chat with me for a little while, and intermittently directing me to take pictures of something, or someone who she thought would be a good shot. Then I asked, “But where is the Sun?” She answered, “Behind the clouds. Not to worry, the sun knows what is going on.”

Then I asked, “Is the sun Jesus?” Then with full assertiveness she said, “Yes, the sun is our savior and our lord. He is the one that die in the cross for us every year, and then born again; and it is because of him that we are alive. The sun, the moon, and the earth are all I care for. I do not want to know anything about other worlds like Mars, or Venus, or whatever. Why should I? I have everything I need here on Earth!

“Are you aware of the new changes, the New Earth…. ” I said. Then surprised she answered, “What! What am I missing, I haven’t heard anything, what is there to learn, tell me, please!” We laughed.

“How can we explain to people that Jesus is the sun, that Jesus is not a man, per se… That they got it all wrong. What to do?” I asked.

“My father told me since I was a little girl that I am the only one I can believe in. He also told me that the only thing that will empower me throughout my entire life was the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and the Sky.  What I am saying is that if you are disconnected from those, you are a lost puppy. Jesus is not a mortal man! Even if my father never, ever told me this that I know now- this that I am sharing with you here, I think I would off figure it out for myself… People need to think, and people need to plug in again to the nature they came from. The sun is Jesus. Jesus is the sun. The sun is the creator.” She affirmed.

And silently I continue listening what she is saying. “Do you know what’s a real shame too, the idea that the United States, “IN GOD WE TRUST” emblem is one of the most misleading concept in this world! People do not have the faintest idea what are the meaning of those words. Another thing that I can’t stand is the idea of how some people carry themselves. You know, how they are so into their own little world that they created-afraid to look anywhere else; explore other directions, ask questions, connect with others without bias or better yet look theirs surrounding! I work with some of these people and they make me very sick. These kind of people are abundantly even within my own family! Who are these people? Where do they come from? And I am not judging. What I am saying is that people need to wise up and look at other possibilities within themselves. You are not a robot. We are all divine beings with unlimited possibilities!”

“Before this Christmas,” she went on. I was here on this beach until midnight waiting for the crossing of the stars. Meaning the alignments of the other planets with our Sun. My father called it the crossing, which is when our Sun is reborn again, and that is what we call Jesus dying on the cross. What I am saying is that it is all about Astrology and the journey of our Sun God to the underworld every day. But this does not stop here, as the journey is ongoing; and it is ongoing  within us, too!”

She stopped to laugh, and then continued. “This might seems complicated but can you imagine? Our Sun, our Lord Jesus, or our Sun God, all that he does for us? Every day without discrimination he is up for us all to thrive. And what do we do? We curse the sun! We blaspheme the sun. In fact, NASA even lied about the sun! Pathetic! Disrespectful bastards. How can you think that anyone can calibrate with these brainwashing rhetorics? How, how? Calibrate means bring our vibrations higher.” She said, and continuing. ” During my ritual that evening, my candlelight’s signaled me to the direction the alignment would be.” She points Southward.  And yes, I saw the light! Shooting stars were everywhere… it was a moment of the heart, and it was beautiful! She ends with a smile.

And after a moment of silence I said, “That is wonderful…”

Then she stands in front of the Sun and did a ritual with her hands open to the sun, as receiving the sunlight, then bringing her hands to her heart with tenderness. Then after, she turns to look at me, and pointing to the sun, she said, “This is Jesus, and he is our Savior! He never left us, he’s always been here. We just need to acknowledge him, and bring his love, his energy to our hearts. And when that be, or that is, then we are blessed with what ever we want because that knowing will guide us to make the right choices with our lives. That is all.”376754_4813419209456_308667999_n

Then she posed for me to take pictures, but to my amazement she was dancing with the Sun, or dancing to the love within her Be’ingness to the glorious happiness that she was experiencing.

Then last, she pulled a bunch of money changes from her pockets, and then gives some to me or almost half of what it was. Then she said that I must give money to the goddess of the waters because she knows where the money is, or where the gold are hidden.

“I hate money!” She screamed, and then together we threw the coins into the ocean. Then she told me that money is bad energy. That we should have it only to meet our needs. The more you love money, the more in needs you will be of it, but if you hate it, the more you will have! She said.

Laughing aloud she said, “Did you get that?” My mouth was jaw dropped as it never occurs to me to reverse this concept!

I was so thrilled and blessed to have met this young person today! I thanked her from my heart, and then saying goodbye we promised to keep in touch.

While driving home I am cracking up laughing because when I first got to the beach today, and when I was starting getting my camera ready before I took my walk, and meditation, I noticed that I left the camera’s battery at home while being charge! So I ran home to get it, and went back to the beach to find out that the Sun was hidden behind dark clouds.

Then, then the unexpected happened.


And I am remembering what my new friend said, “The Sun knows what he is doing. The sun knows what’s going on.”

I got home to record today’s journey experience, and thinking that there are people out there that are way ahead in what some of us are barely finding out.

I am also going to say that we do not need to live close to the beach to love our sun God, our moon, our earth, and the stars. They are every where we are.

Enjoy our very own walk in the park video!

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