Ascension Is Not A Free Ride

Everyone on Earth has blocks in their energy fields. Our souls carry an energetic imprint of everything that has ever occurred during our entire soul’s evolution.


We are at a time in our evolution where these blocks are being released so we can free ourselves of our karmic distortions and imbalances that no longer serve our highest good. As the Earth continues to move further and further into the photon belt of the transformational Christ Light Energies it will be important for us to actively participate in our own energetic clearing.


Every soul is a cell on the Earth’s body and part of our soul’s mission is to heal ourselves. When we clear out our energetic blocks ~ raising our vibrations ~ we assist the Earth and All of Humanity paving the way for a smooth, easy transition into the VERY high vibrational energies of the New Earth.


Ascension into the New Earth is not a free ride. We must do our part. We must Raise Our Vibrations so our bodies will be able to withstand the amount of light that will be lovingly dispersed upon our planet. It is being dispersed now ~ in small and sometimes large increments. This is shaking our foundations and forcing us to resolve the denseness within our being. Below are several suggestions for helping you to clear out the blocks in your energy fields.Ask and you will receive. Pray for your blocks to be released with EASE AND GRACE and for your highest and best good.


Meditate after you have prayed and set your intention for release. Meditation aligns you with your soul and higher aspects of yourself. Meditation releases ego control and the grips of the subconscious so you can release these blocks. When we enter into a place of stillness a deeper level of healing can occur.


Allow whatever emotions and feelings that need to be felt, be felt. A lot of the negativity that is rising up within our being is not even from this lifetime. You may be wondering why you feel so terrible. Feel it, surrender to it, allow it to be released.


As new emotions and feelings arise from current day interactions feel those too. When we resist our pain, it contracts our energy field creating all kinds of blocks and barriers and energetic distortions within our being.


Visualization is a very powerful tool. Ask the Creator for assistance, pray for what you want, meditate and then ask to be shown where the blocks are. Command for them to be released and visualize them leaving your space going up to the Creators light to be transmuted.


Whatever you visualize is perfect for you, there is no wrong or right way when working with the Creator….. the Creator knows what to do.


Persistent Inner Work! Continue to be self aware and conscious of your inner workings ~ mainly your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, projections, judgments and fears ~ these provide golden nuggets of wisdom, IF you allow yourself to be brutally honest about your hidden distortions.


Look at them – ask them questions. Where did they originate? What are they here to teach you? What do you need to transcend? What do you need to learn and accept so you can transmute it?


Exercise, Massage, Yoga, Dancing, Tai Chi…any kind of movement of the body can help you release energetic blocks.


Energy Work such as DNA Theta, Reiki, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral, Light Language etc. will help you get rid of especially stubborn blocks.


Oftentimes we need someone else to help us with our healing because our subconscious likes to hold onto these energy patterns because we are emotionally attached to them. Find a great healer[HELPER].



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