God Wants to Do Something About You


How do I get you to take hard times in the relative world not so seriously. Your heart is so important. Your feelings are so important. I would like to take care of your heart. The easiest way is for you not to flounder in the midst of what you see and feel as obstacles, tremendous obstacles.

It doesn’t really matter what the obstacles are. What matters is your being laid low by them. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. What matters is how seriously you take it. Take it seriously, and you falter. Take it not as a travesty, and you feel stronger. It is better to feel strong than to feel weak.

By and large, life does straighten itself out. You have recovered from everything life has thrown you, and you survived. You more than survived. It wasn’t such a big deal as it seemed at the time. In fact, you may have even forgotten all about a time in the past when you were utterly ravaged by a circumstance, or, rather, by your imagination. You know what I mean.

How many times in the past has it been the end of the world for you, so it seemed? And it wasn’t. It wasn’t. In your fear, in the fear that your imagination drenched you with, the terrors of the situation grew and grew, and, in your imagination, you went through every possible turn of events, through every terrible turn of events. Maybe what you saw as the worst terrible outcome never happened, and you suffered for nothing. Or maybe the worst did come to pass, and you weathered it, and maybe the actualization of the worst wasn’t so bad as your imagination had built it up to be.

Truly, dear ones, you imposed suffering upon yourself, as if present suffering would forestall future suffering. Perhaps you played a game in your head where, if you live through torture ahead of time, it will leave you alone later.

What are We going to do about you? All suffering is needless. You really don’t have to put yourself through it.

When you experience feeling weak, too weak to deal with something, too frightened of the outcome, you are not being true to yourself, nor are you being true to Me.

What is there to be frightened of? Rejection? Ridicule? Resistance? They are as big as you say they are. Consider them like loud noises. They startle you, but, really, what are they to be afraid of?

Consider yourself to be a hardy flower.

Know yourself as resilient, remarkable, and real. Oh, yes, you are real. All these surface dilemmas are not real. They are passing fancies. They are shadows that come into the sun and vanish. It is yourself that you have to reveal yourself to. It is you who has to know, not your vulnerability, but your strength. Yes, it is time that you knew your own strength. It is not even necessary for you to defend yourself. There is nothing to defend. Do not let the supposed uniforms that others wear prevail upon you. You have My authority, beloveds. Take My strength. Be secure in the knowledge that you are Mine, and I am yours, and, even in the world, the world that frightens you, you are secure. You are safe. You are My beloved diamond, and you shine. Take Me with you. Take Me with you in your awareness. Let Me be your backbone. Let Me be your valor, and you Mine. You are, you know.



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