Be Expansive! ~ Yeshua


Many of you are entering a phase where thought patterns are undergoing a shift. There is a shift from ego-based thoughts to heart-based thoughts.  There is a subtle shift in perception in many. It is like trying on a new set of clothes, in a new style. It may feel a little awkward and scratchy at first, but as time goes on, it feels more normal. Wear this new set of clothing, this new set of attitudes, lightly and with grace. You do not need to worry about how it looks. From our perspective, you look magnificent. You are learning how to navigate the switch from linear thinking to multidimensional thought.

With all the changes in your DNA and Light Bodies, nothing is the same, minute to minute. There appears to be no starting point or threshold to base things on anymore. You are flying free, dear ones, and learning to navigate your wings, so to speak. As you leave 3rd dimensional frameworks, the sky is the limit as to what you can create. It will be tempting at times to go back to the old ways of thinking, the old ways of doing things. But try and launch yourselves off from this point and explore the possibilities.

As you spend more time in meditation, allow yourselves to soar into unknown territory. Conjure up new combinations of realities. Mix and match and consider new perspectives in solutions. Expand your brain. Your DNA will go the length with you now. Open up those doors that are being presented to you now and venture to go through them. Be brave. You are all equipped with the blueprints to shatter the parameters of your realities. Meditate on this and take it as a Truth and see where it takes you.

This may seem a little mind blowing to you all, but the time to push the boundaries is here. Keep raising your vibration in meditation and in broadcasting your Love and Light, and notice the differences in where your perspective lies. As things look different to you from this new perspective you have gained, go with it. It is like you have climbed a mountain and now you can enjoy the breeze from atop this new mountain, and see everything differently. You may have to make adjustments for the new altitude, but soon, you will be surveying your new kingdom in a totally different Light.

Be brave, dear ones, be innovative, explore new avenues, be a maverick. Drop the old ways of how things should be done and think out of the box, as they say. The time has come for new creations. You know how to do it. You created this reality of duality. Now leave it behind and think multidimensional. By this, I mean honor all the facets of your being, your Solar Being, which just happens to be in the physical encasement that is your body.

Start to experience the feeling of your Light Body as being more and more your identify. Let it expand out regularly with longer and longer tentacles of light, reaching farther and farther into the cosmos and out to all beings, human, celestial, and galactic. Feel yourselves residing in many places at once, encompassing many places at once, joining in Light with as many beings at once as you can. You are learning what it is to go back to Oneness.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

Thank you, Yeshua

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