Deserving~ Archangel Uriel

An interesting word – deserving – one that has caused much grief and heartache in your world. It is this thought, this feeling on which success or failure is hinged. You can be the most accomplished person in the world at whatever it is you do, but if you do not think you deserve success, it will elude you. Most of you come into this life as somewhat pure, we say somewhat because for many of you there is a lineage of certain pains and heartaches that you carry within you on a cellular level. But unless and until this is activated it lies dormant within you. So, as a young child, if you are nurtured and made to feel good and special, then this layer of doubt and fear that you may carry deep within you will not emerge. You will instead, emerge as a self-realized being who believes in their self-worth, their specialness, their deserving of everything that comes your way. On the other hand, how many of you heard fist as a child, then later in life that you were not good enough, or smart enough or pretty enough or whatever? We know there were other slurs and put-downs and not all were verbal onslaughts – some were physical as well. We are here to tell you that none of that is true and it never has been. You are ALL good enough – in fact you are all at your truest state, in your core, perfect and divine.

Each of you has been given special gifts unique to you. No two are the same. It is up to each of you to discover your gifts, to learn to utilize them and most importantly to feel as though you deserve them. If this feeling does not exist within you, then you will not truly realize your most important gift which is the divinity within each and every one of you. This is your birthright. All of you came to this earth at this time to realize these truths and to share your gifts and to assist the Earth and her inhabitants at this time. You eagerly volunteered for this mission. We know that many of you are having difficulty now – we see it, we feel it – even some who seem together and very spiritual or enlightened. It can be difficult to remain centered with the significant bursts of energy and Light that you are experiencing during these times. But, it is even more important that you who are reading this – the awakened ones – try your best to remain centered and be the wayshowers that you came here to be.

All of you deserve to have health, happiness, abundance – in all forms, not just the monetary ones that so many automatically think of. You all deserve the basic necessities to sustain life – food, water and shelter. You all deserve joy – the companionship you crave in whatever form it takes. You all deserve ALL OF IT!! But, in order to have all of it you must first feel as though you deserve it. If you knew how special you each are in our eyes you would not doubt it for a second.  

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