Blue Moon: Make a Wish

It’s been written throughout history that blue moons have historically proven themselves Be catalysts for mind-blowing life events.

With this being proven, Would it be wise for us all take advantage from the energy of this blue moon of August 31st 2023 and dare dream BIG for a better future for our humanity? Think of the domino effect this would bring collectively worldwide if we engage this blue moon energy for future manifestations. For manifestations now.

This would be ongoing for many years to come.

Let us all be daring and dream BIG. “Ask and it should be giving to you.” Said Jesus.

We all want protection. Health. Empowering education. And an awesome future for all our children from planet earth.

We all want Health. Prosperity. Courage. Bravery. Responsibility. Accountability. Unity. Family. Wisdom. Truth. Spiritual growth. Balance. Peace.

We the people have spoken. So it is decided. So it is.

Below are prayers for cleansing+ and manifestations, for you with heart and mind always pray to the Divine Father and Divine Mother. Or you can address them to your Sacred Heart. These prayers you can teach to your children as well. Keep also in mind that before any prayer, you give thanks to your chosen God for the day you are about to begin, and for all the protection giving to you and your family. Give thanks for all that you have+ and for all that you are about to receive. It is very important that we all live our lives in thankfulness all ways, always. And teaching this to your children is empowering for their best future.

First Prayer:

I am sorry

Forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Second Prayer:

I am the medicine

I am the protector

I am the way

I am the truth

I am the light

I am the life

Third Prayer:

Thank you divine intelligence for being beside me all ways, always

Thank you Atum!

Thank you Suma

Thank you atoms, cells, and molecules for keeping me and my family healthy, with protection, prosperous, full of wisdom, truth, and joy!

Thank you. I love you. Heart. Heart. Heart.

And so it is


In case you were not aware of, ATUM Is the Sun God. The Spiritual Sun God behind the physical sun that knows and sees everything. And further, Suma is another name for the Moon. Or for the Goddess that rule the Moon.

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