Parents take Note

Parents take NOTE

This woman from Utah, and that had a very lucrative YouTube channel, has been arrested for child abuse. Her channel was name 8 Passengers. YouTube took the channel off the air.

You will need to navigate some videos about this horrific woman from videos that people have as prove of her actions. The public was angry at how this woman was parenting her own children, which too her was rightly just, and according to God.

I am not going to deep dive this case right now, but the truth is the entire world is watching! I mean, one would think that a religious person with moral values would take care of his or her children with love, respect, and most certainly feed them. Well, this woman, and I am going to say, her husband as well, one of the punishment they did to their children was not feeding them!

Do your due diligence and find out about the deception from this obnoxious narcissist that used her children to look good, make money, and pretend she was a good parent when she was not. These kind of abuses are typical of narcissists inclusive that of not feeding their children properly or not feeding them at all. Narcissists do not like cooking. Are not found of giving love to those that need it the most as are children.

We are bringing this to your attention because cases like this one goes on in America all day long. Not all women are fit to be a mother. Not all men are fit to be a father.

If you see something suspicious concerning the well- being of a child and or the well- being of children, whether you are a family member, and or a neighbor, SAY SOMETHING. The well-being of children is everyone responsibility.

Below is a link of someone that is doing very well monitoring this case. Check some of her videos. Anyways, she is not the only one putting these parents on the record; and hopefully be put in jail for a very long time.

No one is exempt from the law matter not who you are.

Enough said.

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