BY the power of our authority I AM presence










By The Power of Our Authority I AM Presence:

By the power of our authority I AM Presence, and as it is law by national and international law set by the One People Public Trust, we are commanding the closing doors indefinitely of the former private corporate courtroom system that continued engaging on enslavement of our people to their jurisdiction, disguising as “public court of the American people ”so they can take our homes, our children, and jail for profit, and that the former BAR(attorneys, esquires), former Federal Government and its corporate police, county clerks, collecting agencies, all homes loans mortgages agencies (that are Owned by the BAR), the IRS, The Child Protected Services, and all its pedophiles rings etc., are all part of it. We are commanding mass arrests of all these embodiments that are enforcing slavery systems, and their dismantling/closing of all their agencies/jails, and the release of all political prisoners, and the innocent people that are with false crimes, and or for cause of infringement of their own private lives by the system.

We the people are morally offended by what this former system is professing to control, and own, and expect from us, demand of us without consent and without our knowledge of knowing. This system has been dissolved.

Anyone that do harm to others, violates the public peace, and violates the public trust, does not need to be in the position of representing the American people. Our Republic of the United States of America is govern by the foundation of its law, and those that do not enforce it, and or do not honor it are not needed. They will be removed.

We command that all closed jails, and agencies be remodeled to be homes for the homeless, and recreational facilities for their communities all over our Country.

Love and gratitude for all, all is love, and love is all….We are ONE…

We all must turn our ship around….




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