Microtubules To Contain Soul


Microtubules are microscopic tubes found inside cell in the realm termed cytoplasm. They are thought to serve several functions. The major one is though to be cytoskelleton, i.e to provide a mechanical support for the cell. Microtubules are made of proteins arranged in helixes. A typical cell has several such structures. They form their own network within the cell. Now there is the idea that our bodies are the containers housing some other stuff termed soul. Since microtubules are tubes they are perharps the only part of the body that can act as a kind of container.


We need a theory that at least explain the interface between soul and matter. Without such, the idea of soul has unsurmountable problems and is the biggest reason reasonable people reject soul. The ‘beyond understanding’ nolonger works. Lets for instance posit that the soul inhabits the body. Then for the purposes of following the body wherever it goes, it must interact with the body. This interaction would be something like a bonding force between the soul and the body. However, a disembodied soul must not interact with matter for otherwise it would be easily ditected by say scientific instruments.


One way of explaining this is that the body helps the soul to grow or evolve or even creats it! You have probably heard it said that we incarnate here to learn. However, they don’t spend the seconds neaded to think that there is physical corelate with learning. The data comes to our senses PHYSICALLY and for soul to learn from this world, the physical world must be able to interact with the soul. You see that without a ‘physical’ aspect of the soul, the whole idea is terribly problematic.

If we are to accept that the purpose of the body is to help the soul to grow, then we can explain the difficulty of soul comming out of the body without ad ocs and sounding like deliberately trying to make the theory unfalsifyable. The body then would be to the egg as the soul is to a chick. Once the chick is marture, the egg can be broken.

We must then form an interface between spirit and physical. That is to say some entities are on the twilight zone, being neither ‘spirit’ nor ‘matter’. A not yet grown soul is in this zone. A fully grown soul is complete spirit and can nolonger interact with matter or at least be able to switch off its coupling to matter at will. Such a person is a LITTERALY born again person.


Lets say astral projection NDE etc is real just as desired. No sane person should bother with NDE if it is entirely explicable by psychology. Neither should one stop at subjective verification for it then begs the question: can our brains fool us? For the sole purpose of the soul not being possible to be detected by scientists in the room, it must not interact with matter. It must pass through walls etc. However in its journey, it collects experiences in the other realm and upon reentering the body, alas, the soul must be able to interact with the body. This would make it capable of ‘downloading’ the knowledge to the brain which in turn triggers electric signals in neurones which eventually moves the mouth to spit out the testimony.

The means of interacting with the body is just the soul being capable of exerting the electromagnetic force. Thus the soul must be able to switch on and off its electromagnetism. This land me exactly where I wanted to land, the soul, when in the body must at least be capable of electromagnetic interaction. When it can do that, it can be contained, i.e it doesn’t percolates through the body. The microtubules will be a good candidate for such a container. When the soul turn off its electromagnetism, it percolates through matter and can nolonger be detected. So the soul need not be anything ‘immaterial’. It only need to be able to ‘turn off materialism’ whenever neaded! Infact the soul can just be the sheer WATER in the cytoplasm! And contrary to how you may think, what makes something ‘material’ is not ‘matter’ or ‘mass’. Rather, it is ELECTROMAGNETISM.


The antiparticle of a particle is just a particle of the same mass but of opposite charge. When matter and antimatter meet, they anihillate each other. But what exactly is this ‘anihillation’? Common sence tell us that we can’t realy turn anything into a void. Yes, we know that if two opposite charges get so near each other, they screen off their charges and they together now behave like a neutral particle. But like I have said, a fundamental particle that is electrically neutral cannot interact with the observable world. Thus a union of matter and antimatter behaves to us, for all relevant purposes as if it does not exist! So other than thinking of space as simply empty, think of it as an ocean or even a solid that is electromagnetically neutral. Light can be understood as a slight polarization in this medium (i.e ephemeral seperation of charges) that is propagated as a wave.


Because the vacuum is infact matter-antimatter potential, any charged particle will tend to polarize the vacuum. This is to say that the electron for instance will attract positrons from vacuum. It is such distortion of vacuum that I purpote to use it to explain a soul! Now in the usual atom, say of hydrogen if the electron orbiting around the proton was to fall right into the nuclear, then both the proton and the electron would anihillate each other and the hydrogen turns into a neutron. As you see, our ‘hydrogen’ now begin to be slightly bizzare. For instance it can now pass through walls! Infact were it not for nuclear force, the neutron would be entirely undetectable.

The question now is what prevents the electron in the atom from falling in to the nuclear? The answere is zero point energy that the electron taps from vacuum. So you see that given two opposit charges, it does not necesarily mean that they will anihilate each other. Though physicists tend to think that the phenomena of vacuum polarization is ephemeral, I tend to think that it retains a faint memory. Once the ‘neutral particle’ of vacuum is deformed due to polarization, it never return completely to its original shape.


First of all they are made up of proteins and proteins are formed from aminoacid soup through RNA in much the same way soul would form from the matter-antimatter soup through the protein. RNA in turn form through DNA in exactly the same way. So we can get satisfied with the sense that nature realy have the idea! It only need to be possible to form a soul in the matter-antimatter potential, then nature will find a way.

There are some evidence that microtubules in the brain cells are involved in consciousness. Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose’s theory of quantum mind uses microtubules to control neural activites through quantum effects in the tubes. It is suggested that quantum coherence develope in the microtubules. At first, it seem impossible for quantum coherence to develope at such a temperature. However, evidence in photosynthesis shows suggest that proteins can indead develope quantum coherence at high temperatures. It seems to be due to the fact that proteins are already abit intelligent and thus ‘know’ how to vibrate!

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