Call For Protection


Calls for Protection

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!

Your Authority is in Action in my world!

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Archangel Michael!

You and your Legions of Angels stand within my world right now! Release the Blue Lightning of Ten Thousand Suns right now! Sweep into all astral and psychic opposition and human conditions in my world and annihilate them right now!

Mighty I AM Presence! Beloved Jesus, Beloved Archangel Michael and Beloved Archeia Faith:

Take command of me and of all appearances of imperfection and unreality in my world. Beloved Archangel Michael: Blaze! (3x) your Blue Lightning in, through, and around all opposition to the Victorious Achievement of each and every call I make today and of the inner purposes of this Decree Service.

                                    Prince Michael Archangel
                                        And Legions of Light!
                                    I need Thee, come quickly,
                                        To banish all fright!


                                    Blaze Thy Blue Lightning! Release Cosmic Fire!
                                    Seize every appearance of human desire
                                    Bolts of Blue Lightning! Descend from above!
                                    Shatter all darkness opposed to God’s Love!
                                    Sword of Blue Flame and Sheets of White Fire!
                                    Raise record and memory higher and higher!

                                    Saint Michael Archangel,
                                        Great Whirlwind of Power!
                                    Oh Champion my Cause
                                        With each passing hour!

                                    Lord Michael Archangel,
                                        Great Sword of Blue Flame!
                                    Protect us, Defend us,
                                        In God’s I AM Name!

                                    Sunder unreality!
                                    Reveal my fiery Destiny!
                                    Defend my Christ Identity!
                                    And Manifest my Victory!? (3x)

                                    Let There Be LIGHT! — By Archangel’s Might.
                                    Let There Be FAITH! — In All that is True.
                                    Let There Be POWER! — God Freedom to win.
                                    Let There Be JOY! — God Will to attend.



Excerpted from I AM Adorations Affirmations & Rhythmic Decrees, © Copyright 2009 by The Temple of The Presence® and used with permission.


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