Chicago Outfit and the Democratic Party: Disclosure


By Izrael Zeus 

The Chicago Outfit is still a major organized crime syndicate in the United States. The Chicago Outfit runs the Las Vegas casinos and use the cash flow for laundering their criminal profits. They control Vegas through the Nevada Gaming Commission and politicians like former Mayor of Las Vegas and defense attorney for the mobsters Oscar Goodman and his wife Carolyn Goodman who is the current Mayor of Vegas. The Chicago Mob have many organized crime associates who are Jewish and used as their front men to manage their businesses in Vegas and Hollywood like Frank Rosenthal who was from Chicago and ran various casinos in Nevada. They made a movie about it called Casino. Oscar Goodman worked as a defense attorney for mobsters including Frank Rosenthal and he was the mayor of Las Vegas from 1999 to 2011 and his wife Carolyn Goodman has been the Mayor of Las Vegas from 2011 until today.


The Goodmans currently run Las Vegas and work for the Italian and Jewish mafias. Meyer Lansky II is a current top Polish-Jewish Mafia boss in the United States and he is working with the Chicago Outfit and he manages territories in Las Vegas today. The Jewish mobsters have always been subordinate to La Cosa Nostra which authorized their formation of Murder Inc. through their Commission. Most of the top Jewish gangsters like Mayer Lansky and even Al Capone served Italian bosses like Big Jim Colosimo. Louis Capone was a boss of the Jewish Mafia known as Murder Inc. The Capone family are really a branch of the Florentine House of Capponi which is currently headed up by Count Neri Capponi today. Some of the Florentine noble families originated out of ancient Babylon.


The Chicago Outfit is primarily owned by the Colonna family and Florentine noble families like the House of Medici and House of Capponi. John Roselli was a top gangster in the Chicago Mob. The Rosselli del Turco family are a Florentine nobility with Marchese Niccolo Rosselli del Turco as the current head. The Colonna family also own the Colombo crime family of New York City. Both the Colonna and Colombo names mean column. Hollywood is a joint operation infiltrated by the Chicago Outfit and Five Families. Albert Warner was a founder of Warner Bros. and married to Bessie Siegel whose first husband was likely a relative of Bugsy Siegel. Bugsy Siegel was a co-founder of Murder Inc. and was friends with Dorothy DiFrasso a member of Hollywood. Dorothy DiFrasso married Count Carlo Dentice di Frasso and she even introduced Bugsy Siegel with Benito Mussolini. The Frasso family are Sicilian nobility that have residences around Rome.


The Five Families are competitors with the Chicago Outfit and also business associates at times. The Colombo crime family are the link between the two mafia factions. Jerry Reinsdorf is a billionaire and an owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox and he is a Jewish crime associate of the Chicago Outfit and Colombo crime family. Arnold Rothstein was a Jewish mobster from New York that had 8 players for the White Sox throw the World Series for the mafia’s bets. The mafia still rigs professional sports for bets. Anthony Riccio is the second in command of the Chicago Police and an associate of the Chicago Outfit. Riccio handles Eddie Johnson the head of the Chicago PD who was appointed by the white collar Jewish mobster Rahm Emanuel who has a portrait of himself as the Godfather.

Tony Rezko is a financier from Chicago that was convicted of wire fraud, money laundering, and corrupt solicitation which was a watered down charge for extortion. Rekzo also helped to finance Barack Obama’s Senate campaign and sold him part of his property above the market value while under federal investigation. Alexi Giannoulias is a banker and politician from Chicago who has worked for Broadway Bank which financed Tony Rezko and also Chicago mobsters Michael Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos with tens of millions. Barack Obama is friends with Alexi Giannoulias and they are both associates of the Chicago Outfit. Byline Bank is a bank based in Chicago created by the Fasseas family with Peter Fasseas and his wife Paula Fasseas.


Several Mexican businessmen like the billionaire Antonio del Valle Ruiz and his son along with the group BXM Holdings has invested into Byline Bank which has been making a large amount of non performing loans. Antonio del Valle Ruiz is a high level overseer of Mexican drug cartels and he is worth over 3 billion. When banks make a lot of bad loans that don’t get paid back it is usually for one of two reasons. The bank is using loans as a disguise for bribes and criminal pay offs which is what Byline Bank has been doing or the bank is using interest rates that are too high and that cannot be paid back. Roberto Herencia who was Jesuit educated at Georgetown has been Chairman of Byline Bancorp and Byline Bank and was President and CEO of BXM Holdings. Roberto Herencia was also nominated by Obama to serve on Overseas Private Investment Corporation’s Board of Directors. The Chicago Outfit have alliances with the Mexican drug cartels which the Five Families are in competition with. The Chicago Mafia’s alliance with Mexican drug cartels is related to their owners relationship with cartel owners in Spain like the Aragon and FitzJames families. The Colonna family have family branches in Spain and ruled as Viceroys in Aragon, Valencia, and Catalonia.
New York factions want a wall at the border to disrupt their networks. The Detroit Partnership work with both the Chicago and New York factions and the Balistrieri crime family are the Chicago Mob’s reinforcement. Several top Mexican bankers went to the University of Chicago like Agustin Carstens the Governor of the Bank of Mexico and Francisco Gil Diaz the former Mexican Secretary of Finance. Robert Zimmer is the President of the University of Chicago and a very high level criminal associate of the Chicago Mafia. The Clinton and Obama families are in league with the Chicago Outfit and that is why Barack Obama was a professor at the University of Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is a Jewish mobster and associate of the Chicago Mob for the mob as the Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff under Barack Obama.

The Jesuit Georgetown educated John Podesta is from Chicago and the name Podesta is an Italian word for a high official or the chief magistrate of a city. John Podesta and his Jesuit Georgetown educated brother Tony Podesta founded Podesta Group a lobbyist racket. The Podestas and Hillary Clinton were caught using pizza as a metaphor for children and Hillary mentioned making a sacrifice to Moloch in these emails. The Podestas are involved with sex trafficking of children. Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago and has been financed by the Jewish-Zionist Chicago based Pritzker family and they are worth tens of billions. Barack Obama was president under the ATF’s Project Gunrunner which ended up supplying weapons to the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels which were used in various murders of Mexican citizens. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by cartel associates and weapons found related to the crime traced back to the ATF’s Operation Gunrunner also called Fast and Furious. Barack Obama promotes restricting the gun rights of Americans while supplying the Mexican drug cartels with guns that have murdered both Americans and Mexicans.

The Chicago Outfit operate in Arizona which is located next to Las Vegas and they have business deals with the Los Zetas cartel which are owned by the FitzJames and Alvarez families which are dukes of Zaragoza, Spain and the founder of the Los Zetas was from Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico. This is why the city of Tucson, Arizona is really named after Tuscany. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, Italy. There is a Florence, Arizona about 40 miles north of Tucson. The Florentine nobility manage the Chicago Outfit and the remnant of the Jewish Mafia for the Colonna family. The Chicago Outfit is involved in weapons, drugs, and human trafficking across the US-Mexican border. John DiFronzo who recently died was a top boss of the Chicago Outfit along with his brother Peter DiFronzo. Joseph Andriacchi acts as a consigliere.

John DiFronzo owns car dealerships in Chicago. They use car dealerships for concealing stolen vehicles used for criminal trafficking and for obtaining dealer plates which makes it easier to move around stolen vehicles. The Italian Mafia are also involved in waste disposal and construction companies which are both used for disposing of bodies. The Carey family own the Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero right next to Chicago. Hawthorne Race Course was caught involved in rigging races with organized crime in the 1970’s. Jimmy Inendino is a Chicago mafia boss in Cicero. Salvatore DeLaurentis is the current acting boss of the Chicago Outfit. The mafia use racetracks as headquarters and launder their criminal profits through fixed wins. The Chicago Outfit specializes in infiltrating the Democratic Party through blackmail, pedophilia, and human trafficking.


Meyer Lansky II is the top boss of the Polish-Jewish Mafia and an associate of the Chicago Outfit. Lanksy II is the grandson of Meyer Lansky and has residences in Las Vegas today overseeing territories for the Chicago Mob. The Colonna family of Rome which are the primary owners of the Chicago Outfit have a Polish noble branch called the Colonna-Walewski family. 


Oscar Goodman the former mayor of Las Vegas and lawyer for the mafia.

Oscar Goodman defended the most infamous members of organized crime in the United States. Men like Meyer Lansky, Nicky Scarfo, and Anthony Spilotro. As their lawyer he stood by them and kept them out of prison for as long as he could. And with every successful case his reputation grew.

But for a man like Oscar Goodman the sky is never the limit. After decades of success in the courtroom he decided to run for mayor of Las Vegas. He was elected in the summer of 1999 and stayed on until 2011 when his wife took over as mayor of Sin City.

Oscar Goodman has no problem with the tag “mob lawyer” when running down his resume. “I wear it with a badge of honor” he says.

“You wouldn’t call him Lefty to his face,” says Goodman of Frank Rosenthal — a casino executive who secretly ran the Stardust and other properties on behalf of the Chicago mafia. “He was a genius and the first to develop the race and sports books in Nevada as we know them today.” Goodman represented Rosenthal for years.


Barack Obama with the banker Alexi Giannoulias.

Alexi Giannoulias is a man of the mob who brings a proven record of poor judgment, risky behavior and reckless decision-making.  Long before Rod Blagojevich went on trial or Roland Burris got an ethics censure, Alexi Giannoulias was already loaning money to convicted mobsters, Tony Rezko and an illegal gun smuggler.   Alexi Giannoulias would be a disastrous choice for U.S. Senate.”

When the family bank was flying high and Giannoulias had his eye on the treasurer’s office, he was the senior loan officer, but when the tough decisions were made or the questionable characters came to call, it was almost always Alexi’s day to empty the wastebaskets…

The takeaway for voters, so far, is that as a qualification for elected office, Giannoulias’ banking background has been grossly overrated. That experience — and the enthusiastic support of his friend, Barack Obama — got him elected treasurer.

Mr. Giannoulias personally visited Florida to see property involved in a Giorango loan. Asked if he was aware then of Mr. Giorango’s criminal past, Mr. Giannoulias replied, “I didn’t know the full extent of his legal problems.”  Full extent?

He was promptly reminded that on April 27, 2006, during his campaign for treasurer, he told Tribune reporters that he had discussed Giorango’s criminal past with him. The discussion took place as Giannoulias worked on millions of dollars’ worth of bank loans for Giorango.


Obama with Tony Rezko

Nearly three years later, fallout from Mr. Obama’s relationship with Mr. Rezko, who raised more than $150,000 for Mr. Obama’s campaigns

Mr. Obama’s name is likely to surface during the trial, if only because $10,000 of the money Mr. Rezko is accused of extorting wound up in Mr. Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign. There is nothing to indicate that Mr. Obama did any favors for Mr. Rezko, but there is ample evidence that Mr. Rezko did favors for Mr. Obama.

Court records show that G.E. was due to be in court on Jan. 5, 2006, for example, obtaining an order to seize $1,297.39 from one of Mr. Rezko’s checking accounts.

As a result, when the Obamas bought part of the land from Mrs. Rezko seven months later to widen their yard, the money they paid was beyond the reach of Mr. Rezko’s creditors, including one conducting a court-ordered hunt for his assets to recover a $3.5 million debt.

Less than a week later, Mrs. Rezko sold a 10-foot-wide strip of the empty lotto Mr. Obama, for $104,500, so he could widen his side yard.


Roberto Herencia Mr. Herencia has served as Chairman of Byline Bancorp and Byline Bank since June 2013. Mr. Herencia has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of BXM Holdings, Inc., an investment fund specializing in community bank investmentsMr. Herencia holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University Roberto R. Herencia was nominated by President Obama to serve on OPIC’s Board of Directors, and he was confirmed by the Senate in October, 2011.  He is a financial services industry executive, consultant and thought leader with 30 years of broad experience in all aspects of community banking in the U.S. and emerging markets.  In addition to serving as the President and CEO of BXM Holdings, Inc., an investment fund specializing in community banks


Antonio del Valle Ruiz’s son Antonio del Valle Perochena is a board director for Byline Bank. The Colonna family which are the primary owners of the Chicago Outfit have an alliance with the FitzJames and Alvarez families of Spain which are the Dukes of Alba. Alba, Spain takes its named from Longa Alba in Rome. The Colonnas and Alvarez families have also intermarried. The FitzJames and Alvarez families own the Los Zetas drug cartel. That is who is supplying Chicago with drugs.

Antonio Del Valle Ruiz & family


Antonio del Valle Ruiz swapped a stake in a Mexican bank for control of what is now chemical conglomerate Mexichem.

He and his six children own a 42% stake in Mexichem.

Mr. del Valle Perochena has served on the Byline Bancorp and Byline Bank boards of directors since June 2013. Mr. del Valle Perochena is also the Chairman of the board of directors of Kaluz, S.A., which is the holding company for Mexichem


Agustin Carstens is a Mexican banker that was educated at the University of Chicago and was Governor of the Bank of Mexico from 2010-2017. The Mexican drug cartels have a close alliance and drug trafficking and human trafficking networks with the Chicago Outfit. Carstens is also the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements which is in contract with the most of the central banks around the world. The BIS steals from nations and then makes loans to other national central banks to finance militarized gang stalking and human trafficking.

Agustín Carstens became General Manager of the BIS on 1 December 2017.

Mr Carstens was Governor of the Bank of Mexico from 2010 to 2017. A member of the BIS Board from 2011 to 2017, he was chair of the Global Economy Meeting and the Economic Consultative Council from 2013 until 2017. He also chaired the International Monetary and Financial Committee, the IMF’s policy advisory committee from 2015 to 2017.

member of the Group of Thirty.

Mr Carstens holds an MA and a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago.


Robert Zimmer is the President of Chicago and an extremely high level criminal associate of the Chicago Outfit.


Anthony Riccio is officially second in command of the Chicago PD with Eddie Johnson behind him on the right as the official head of the Chicago PD. Really Anthony Riccio is the covert head of the Chicago Police and oversees Eddie Johnson who grew up in the projects with black street gangs. Riccio is a Made Man in the Chicago Outfit which uses black street gangs to sell drugs for them. Johnson is connected with African-American gangsters and they sell drugs for Italian mobsters which have an alliance with Mexican drug cartels. When gangsters whether Italian or African-American go against the agenda of Cosa Nostra they use the police to go after them. Rahm Emanuel appointed Eddie Johnson as the head of the Chicago Police.


Rahm Emanuel with a portrait of him as the Godfather. The Israeli Mafia is working closely with the Chicago Outfit. The Mexican drug cartels are owned by the Spanish royal family and their noble houses like the FitzJames and Alvarez families. The King of Spain claims the official title of King of Jerusalem. Many Jewish-Zionists serve the Spanish royal family. 


Counts Sebastiano Capponi, Count Neri Capponi and Count Niccolo Capponi and they are Florentine nobles that oversee factions of the Chicago Outfit. Al Capone was an agent of the Capponi family and a founder of the Chicago Outfit. The Capones have covert Jewish or rather Babylonian ancestry. Florentine nobles work closely with Sephardic-Zionists. 


The deceased Vanni Pozzolini with Lorenzo Scaretti on the left and Marquis Nicolo Roselli del Turco on the right. The Roselli del Turco family are Florentine nobles and their agent was John Roselli a Chicago mobster who worked with the CIA with their fake plot to assassinate Fidel Castro. The CIA and the Italian Mafia were helping Castro stay in power and were going after his rivals while pretending to be against him. The CIA and Italian Mafia are liars.

John “Handsome Johnny” Roselli (born Filippo Sacco; July 4, 1905 – August 9, 1976), sometimes spelled Rosselli, was an influential mobster for the Chicago Outfit who helped that organization control Hollywood and the Las Vegas Strip. In the early 1960s, Roselli was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a plot to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro.[1]


Salvatore DeLaurentis is a top acting boss of the Chicago Outfit.

Hawthorne Race Course is a racetrack for horse racing in Stickney/Cicero, Illinois, near Chicago.

Owned by Carey Family

In 1909, the track was sold to Thomas Carey who tried to reopen the track twice but was stopped by the sheriff’s department and the local police.

According to reports Chicago mafia acting boss Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis has promoted veteran mobster Albert Vena to Outfit street boss.

Along with what seems to be a stable hierarchy the Chicago Outfit also has capable capos in place including alleged Elmwood Park crew skipper Rudy Fratto and Cicero crew capo James Inendino.

Davey Ballog

“We’re opportunists,” Ballog says of his band of thieves and con artists, made up of relatives, friends, mob-connected gambling associates and crooked cops.

Ballog hustled at the Arlington Park, Hawthorne and Sportsman’s Park race tracks, offering tips to bettors on horses and sharing in winnings when his advice proved on the mark. He says he wasn’t a “tout,” since he gave tips on only one horse in each race rather than ensuring himself of a win by touting several horses.

On Nov. 19, 1978–the day after a ringer named Roman Decade won Hawthorne’s second race running under the name Charollius–the track was destroyed by fire.

Arson was suspected, and investigators believed the fire was set to destroy the fraudulent foal certificates in the racing secretary’s office. But the certificates were saved.

The other scandal occurred in 1973 and is documented in an Illinois Legislative Investigative Commission report of March 1974. According to the report, a well-known owner and trainer had conspired with known organized-crime figures to fix trifecta bets at Arlington and Hawthorne.


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