Christmas Message From God To All

My Dear Ones,

I Am. In those simple words are all you are.

May I share with you a story of love and hope. Once there was a baby born to a woman named Mary and a man named Joseph. In this time on Earth, there were many struggles & difficulties for the average human. Hope was lost for many and mere survival was their focus. Having food & shelter was sometimes the best one could hope for.


The vibration of Earth had been somewhat diminished. More than not, people lost their connection to universal love or their ability to remain connected to truth. In the birth of Jesus came a manifested love from God and Creator that took the form of Jesus. He requested a human life in the hope of teaching anyone who would listen, that love and connection was a divine right given to all men, women, children & creatures great & small. His mission was one of love & hope. Delight was in his pure heart for all mankind.

The teachings of Jesus were designed to empower humans with the imagination to remind them of their rightful place in God’s kingdom. In the lessons, were understandings of connecting to source and allowing source filled energy to support their purpose for their life experience. Had his teachings not been seen as a threat to those in power, a world of peace would have been manifested. However in the decision to imagine the world of duality a choice was given to all of mankind to experience life and universal understandings at their own pace and abilities.


The truth of Jesus’ teachings were there and known but were suppressed to allow for human understanding of duality. In the course of many lives it is like going down a buffet and sampling all there is to offer. You know which choices are better (healthier) for you but you try each of the dishes (experiences) and then can speak from experience of your likes and dislikes.

Jesus offered an alternative to the dogma that was given. How each soul enabled his teachings to filter into their day to day life was their choice. It was a pot luck of spiritual design.

Being of the human genome is a blessing and a cross to bear. Many masters of many backgrounds and religions have walked the Earth teaching divine connection. A prophet is a man or woman or child connected to Source who intuitively knows of their connection. All of you have the Divine power of Source within you. Delight is recognizing this gift.

You have walked a million miles in My shoes. Not all were joyful miles but all were worthwhile none the less. Give yourselves the appreciation of your journey well traveled. Eliminate your desire for power over others and know that all power is supplied in your heart for your next journey into ascension should that be your choice. Elate in the news that the birth of Jesus brought. You are Me and I am you. I Am.

Channeled by Suzanne Spooner



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