Christmas Message

This is the Council of Twelve. We see you have trouble sleeping. Many of the lightworkers are experiencing similar difficulties. Fortunately, there is a slowing down this time of year. We recommend as much quiet time as you can get. This may be a tall order for those of you who have family gatherings to host, meals to cook and so forth. Nevertheless, the purpose of the holidays is rest, reflection, enjoyment, fellowship and communion with self and one’s God, however you conceive Him or Her.

The light around the solstice is always particularly beautiful, and a few minutes of sunlight each day will help you rejuvenate, even if your area is overcast. The sun is still above you, and its rays will charge your batteries.

Drink plenty of water, especially if you partake of sugar, fats, alcohol and other substances best consumed lightly or not at all. Move your bodies. A brisk walk will do wonders. Make your New Year’s resolutions with a light heart and no pressure. How about a resolution to be joyful? Or a resolution to laugh more?

Every year has its challenges and its high points. The coming year will have its ups and downs and may be a bit more dramatic than usual. There is much afoot. Center yourselves. Make a determination to conquer your obstacles and be a winner in life. And by winner we mean happy and full of gratitude, even for your problems. We wish the best for you all, and have high hopes for humanity in the coming year. Happy, happy holidays, The Council of Twelve.

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