IMG_1921-275x300~Greetings Fellow Travelers.

Today we speak of creation.

This concept of creation is here as empowerment. This has been with you as long as you have been on this earth plane, as long as you have been a being; in other dimensions, in other places and in other times, you have been this creation.

This creationary aspect of your multi-dimensional self is there for your remembrance. Fore this remembrance of your creationary power is there to be activated within your energy field. The remembrance is held within your cells.

The timing of this remembrance is because of the increased light coming into our solar system, and the movements of our earth. For the movements of our earth create a movement within you. This movement within yourself is not created for you – but with you = by you, as you.

This creation is a radiating energy of spirit held light.

And here lies the choice – the choice to bring this creationary aspect as part of your life, into the outward being of yourself, into the new reality that is created in this new well of remembrance of you. With this merging of you and the earth, with you and the universe, it is bringing you all to the merging of your current selves and your ancient selves. This merging has brought on the remembrance to be activated within your cells. The remembrance brings the energy of creation. And in this creationary place, is for you to see this place of your creation.

Be with this place, this remembrance, and this choice of creation.

Fore every moment is this creationary place, a creationary stance. This place is held true. This place is held strong. The strength in this place is there for your making. It has been laid out for you. This place is not elusive, this place is not foreign, this place is well known, well visited and many traveled.

You have been here. You know this place. Fore it is already here. In this place you are already a powerful being in this lifetime. There is a timely progression of this energy that brings the remembrance of creation to you at this time, a powerful place of energetic expansion. If you choose.

If you have asked for the creation, if you asked to see, asked to make clear choices, then this energy is for your exploration. Step into this energy. There is much strength, wisdom and grace here. Move into the energy of choice. To choose your reality, imagine the freedom. The remembrance will help you along the way. Tap in to your knowings, and let them guide you.

Once you find the way that this creation can be used, you will see, you will know, you will be, a product of this creation. The choices you make in each moment are your creation. Consider your creation in each moment as part of a whole. The wholeness of self. And when your self can make momentary choices for creation – there is no chance for fear, no chance for victimhood, no chance for sorrow when you choose the creation of your every moment.

Your being knows that creation beyond anything other than joy, peace, happiness and reverence for all is only part of the ego. Fore this ego aspect can take on a large part of the humanness of you – if you choose.

And now, with the merging of your current self and your ancient self, the remembrance, the creationary tools, and the momentary choice of your now, you will see clearly the many selves of you. Of your Self and I.

This newness that you create in your every moment creates a new you. A new reality. A new place in the universe for you to stand, and dwell and be in this new creation in the frequency of love. For creation is all about love. For you cannot create well in discontent because discontent breeds more of that. Creation is meant for joy. This frequency of joy is within you now. Accept this frequency as your own. Step into this frequency, be this frequency.

This creation is a gift. You must choose wisely when shown the gift. When you are made aware of the gift, and your remembrance has been activated, it is time for you to step back and BE this gift. Do not seek this gift, for this gift is now you. It is not in the seeking of the gift, it is in the being of this gift. The being of this choice. Making wise and high vibrational choices will bring about merging of your many selves bringing creation into your reality. Your multi-dimensional selves will feel when the creationary tools are in your midst, you will know when it is there. You will know when to step into your creation.

You can expel the fear, expel the doubt, and live in the mystery of your creation.

Go for this joy. Go for the Bliss, and do not hold back in this remembrance of creation.

Fore the falling away of anything that is not creation of good intent will be just fine. You will be held during this time. This creation will bring you to much newness and much grandness. It is a peaceful place for you to be.

This place calls you, knows you, because it is – you.

It is now your choice to accept the tool of creation given to you through this remembrance. Allow the remembrance to stabilize your field. Match this vibration of remembrance. Soften the vibration of you.

In this embodiment this creationary tool was made for your perfection, as you are perfect in your imperfection. Fore you are a perfect being in every way.

Accept the tool of conscious creation. Allow the expansion of you.

Creation brings freedom, creation brings power, creation brings you – back to you.

This embodied message is for your clarity this day January eight two thousand twelve. ~GFP this posting

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