Sun And Stars

You do not have to give up your peace of mind because of a technical difficulty on Earth. Difficulties do not have to get the better of you. Simply take life as it comes, and don’t get all fretted about it.

You really know that most difficulties are temporary. The electricity went off? It will come back on. You car stalled? Your car won’t always be stalled. It will be running fine again, and you will toddle down the highway again. Your basement flooded? It won’t always be flooded. It will be dry again.

These are inconveniences. Will you set yourself up in the frame of mind that inconveniences need not take a toll on you?

Even in terms of the world, you know the difference between inconveniences and troubles. Nevertheless, you let interruptions disturb you, as though they were tragedies. Your world has been disrupted. A train was delayed, and you pace back and forth.

You do not get upset that the sun sets at night, and you have to wait until morning before you see the sun again. You take sunrises and sunsets in your stride. You don’t consider daylight and night as obstacles. That you cannot see the stars by day doesn’t upset you. You know the stars will come out. You don’t rant and rave about these matters. You do not think that these occurrences are the end of the world. In fact, you enjoy both sun and stars and don’t mourn the gap of one or the other.

You do not expect the tides to follow your command. You take the tides as they come. The tide comes in, and the tides go out. You don’t become discombobulated. Not at all.

When it comes to when your personal life does not follow your plan, you tend to feel as though Mt. Vesuvius has erupted. An interruption in your internet connection will drive you to distraction. All it means is that your connection has been interrupted. It is on pause. In that point of space and time, you are not connected. Make peace with it. It is only a delay. It is not forever. You got along fine for years without it, and now that the internet has become a daily event, you presume that it has no right to go off as if your very existence is at stake. You become insistent that your will be done. Face it, this insistence, this resistance, has to be an ego thing.

Imagine, for example, that the internet is supposed to go off on weekends. Okay, so it’s off. And so you take a walk or swim in the ocean. What’s so hard about that?

Your life cannot be disconnected. Your life is always. You have life with or without the internet, without your car, without electricity, and so on. Meanwhile, all these conveniences do not compare to the sun and the stars or to the glory of life on Earth.

You are not here on Earth to do penance. Life is not like that. Life is your golden opportunity. It is the star at the top of the Christmas tree. It is for the love of life that you are here. You have a great opportunity before you to make life choices. You can choose to be whatever you want. You can choose to be unhappy amidst plenty, and you can choose to be happy with nothing. You can choose to be content. You can choose to be impatient.

What a world I created where you can be satisfied or dissatisfied at will. Come right up. Make your choices, and know that others follow you. They follow your disgruntlement, and they follow your cheeriness. Which is it, beloveds? Which do you choose ~heavenletter  =this posting

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