Dance With Atoms






As you grow in consciousness, you grow in confidence. This is a new kind of confidence. It is yours. It belongs to you. This is not your old kind of wavering confidence or possibly some kind of swagger. Oh, no. This confidence is more like joy. Of course, your confidence is joy now, for you are embodying Me.

You are not only more confident, you are more self-sufficient. You are more with Me and, therefore, less dependent upon Me. You are not away from Me. You are closer to Me. You sustain yourself. You are more assured of My Presence.

My Presence sits within you. You see that now. I, God, Who AM your Resource, is established in you. What more can you want? You know exactly where I reside. You grasp more clearly how it is that every human being alive is your brother and sister and, therefore, One with Me and One with you.

This sense of Oneness grows so strong that you begin to sense that Everyone Is You. You begin to know that Everything that you perceive as Existence is actually you, no less the birds and flowers and every twig — you see All as an Expression of you.

You express your love through everything you see and hear. As your knowingness expands, Everyone and Everything vibrates as an expression of your heart. Everyone and everything is a miracle you live with, and your heart rises. Everywhere you turn, you meet yourself, and your heart sings. You dance. You cry out: “Halellujah. Thank You, God.”

Wherever you turn, you meet Me, for I exist in Everyone and Everything, and so you are borne on the Wings of Angels. You come to see that you are the Energy of Angels carrying the world. You lay claim to existence. Your heart can only burgeon in love and love life, every particle of it, every revelation, every happenstance. You drink the milk of human kindness.

You dance with the world and all the world contains. You whirl with all the other angels that are also you. You honor life. You understand life better. You understand the kicking and screaming that go on. You understand and – get this – love the villains who, after all, just like you, play a part that you don’t know how it became yours to play.
You do not emulate the villains, nor do you separate any villain from My love and compassion. Your perception widens. You live in a larger and greater world. You are not microscopic. You are not fixed on blame. You are fixed on Me. You are blended with Me and My Grasp of Humanity.

You become your own hero. You elevate yourself. You see from above. You see the Dance of Atoms. You see. You comprehend. You see your brother as yourself, and you see with love. You do not recall what animosity is, for now you swim in love. You are no longer near-sighted. As if overnight, you have become a Seer who sees all, understands all, loves all.

Love flows through every cell of your body. This is what your body is for, to be a vehicle of love to flow through and on to the thirsty world.

You have become an Emissary of Mine and nothing but an Emissary of Mine. You live at My behest. You spread blankets of love at My behest. You are Love Personified. You are God at Work, yet I never work. I AM. I AM Being, and so are you. We are the same Being.


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