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My Beloved Ones,

Greetings, I Am Melchizedek and I am most pleased to welcome you today. I am on my way to a very important meeting on behalf of all humanity which will bring huge changes on a worldwide scale. As you have been informed recently through numerous channelings, Disclosure is approaching and we know full well what is to be done now. Because of our close cooperation with our Galactic Brothers, who are your Brothers also, we of the Spiritual Hierarchy are presently actively involved in the finalization of this enormous project to bring it to fruition on your Earth.

As Disclosure is so imminent you will at last begin to experience the enormous changes that this project will bring about on your world. This will be a “biggie” so don’t be frightened; this event will turn your world and your worldviews upside down in a manner of speaking. You will get to know the real Truth and you will observe the old regime collapsing in on itself as you have withdrawn your faith in it.

That old regime has run its course and is making way for the new and enlightened paradigm of your New World. We move upwards to Ascension and the project of Disclosure is intrinsically a part of it. The Disclosure part of Ascension will establish a lot of changes and will elevate the degree of humanity’s consciousness level. Ascension is, as I have already stipulated, very imminent and can not be overlooked ; no matter what happens, all will proceed as Divinely Decreed.

What is to happen very shortly is an event of worldwide impact in the whole history of Earth. We have reached a milestone, a point which should have been reached some time ago. Nevertheless, at present we duly have arrived at the Divine and ultimate timeline and it can no longer be postponed. You are just now collectively beginning to become aware of the Galactic Presence in your moment of NOW. Let it al evolve as it should my dear ones. Don’t try to force the issues to which we are committed : you can be sure that it will come to pass in Divine Timing.

The Disclosure project has to evolve along its own path and it involves so many aspects. Many souls are involved and the Lightworkerss are more than ready but don’t forget that there are also souls who have no clue as to what is transpiring at present on your world. We even take those, still ignorant, souls into account and we know perfectly well what we have to do, so have faith, be in joy, but let it go and leave it all to us!

I urge you to remain in perfect harmony and serenity, to keep on meditating daily and to send Love to all humanity and to Mother Earth. Be joyfully expectant of our First Contact but try not to force it, try not to fix it. I really have to stress that piece of advice, my beloved ones. Your own Ascension process if of the utmost importance and requires your full commitment ; so it is far better that you only focus on your Ascension. The Galactic Federation and we have taken full reins of the Disclosure project and together we all focus on that.

You don’t have to think of it or be actively engaged in it.  Those of the Light Workers who do their bit to contribute therein, concern the souls who have chosen this job as a soulcontract and know why they are here.. Leave this work also in their capable hands as they are aware of their tasks for which they came to Earth in the first place. Every soul has its own purpose for which they came to Earth and every soul has its own unique soul tasks to perform. That way the work and the contributions involved are evenly distributed amongst many souls in these important times. Even the unawakened ones have their purpose for being here on Earth.

The only thing we ask of you is that you are loving and that you give Love to every living soul on Earth. Since the so-called and self-proclaimed leaders remain deaf to your request and demand for freedom and Disclosure, we now take the reins in that respect and this is an assistance to you. You are all equal and the notion of leadership, of 1 person placing him/herself above all others, is alien to God.

Leadership is a facet of ego-involvement and is founded on despair. Just continue on with your Ascension process and we will continue to work on announcing the Presence of the Galactic Civilizations. It is finally all about Ascension! You will be notified of the news and the announcement of Disclosure in your NOW moment, believe me, you will not miss it!

I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for the chance to bring this message forth. Namaste.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont.

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