Divine Energy



Divine energy travels through the body like electricity. It floods you with higher consciousness and radiates unconditional love. It centers you and comforts your body with an immense feeling of completeness. This level of consciousness, this feeling is just a tiny glimpse, a very limited experience, and just a small part of the entire infinite possibilities that lie ahead in the new dimensional levels. A completely new and unimaginable level of existence, a higher vibrational state of being is upon us. The very limited ego-mind is unable to fully comprehend the true reality. Only a being who resides within the heart, can begin to understand our existence and capabilities. Within the heart is source energy. Within the heart lies everything in existence. Within the heart is the awareness of god. Within the heart lies your true self, your higher self, a multi-dimensional being of pure love and white light. The 3rd dimensional density is here as an obstacle.

When you begin to raise awareness, life is perceived at different levels. You are no longer a human, and never were. It is at these stages of awareness that the events in your life become guides instead of problems. They become lessons, and most importantly, the realization of why you are here in the first place, to experience challenges with a polarized mind. Source energy lives in every last single particle of matter. There is never a time when god is not with you. And the experiences that are happening to you are a direct experience and observation from the creator.

God divided its energy multiple times, in order to gain access to all the experiences happening in every single galaxy of this universe, and all universes simultaneously. And whether it be an ascended master or star being from Sirius or even the plants and animals here on earth, all of us are infinite consciousness. No one is higher, or greater than another. Were are all at different levels of consciousness and existence at this time. We are all at different stages in evolution. We have our own journey to find our way back to source, and become one with the light.


One Love



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