Divine Prayer

Hely, Scemath Amazaz, Hemel,

Sathusteon, Hheli Tamazam, Ecet.

Theos Megthe, In Tu Yma Eurel, Ecet.

Oh God, the light of the world, Father of Inmense Eternity, Giver of all Wisdom and Knowledge, and of all Spiritual Grace.

Most Holy and Inestimable Dispenser, knowing all things before they are made; who makest Light and Darkness

Streach forth Thy Hand, and touch my mouth, and make my tonge as a sharp sword, to shew forth these words with eloquence;

Make my tonge as an arrow elected to declare Thy wonders and to pronounce them memorably.

Send forth thy Holy Spirit, O Lord into my heart and soul,  to understand and retain them, and to meditate on them in my conscience;

By the Oath of they Heart, that is, by the Right Hand of Thy Holy Knowledge, and Mercifully inspire thy Grace into me;

Teach me and instruct me; stablish the coming in and going out of my senses, and let Thy Precepts teach me and correct me until the end;

And let the Counsel of the Most Hight assist me, through Thy Infinite Wisdom and Mercy.

So be it!

This prayer will bring you peace, wisdom. Pray with all your heart in the morning and through out the day.


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    • admin says:

      Wonderful to hear this, feedback like this go right through our heart… Thanks so much, and please tell someone else about us.

  2. Oda Noori says:

    hi, solid web log, just I don’t see how to add your website in my rss reader. Could are Assist me please?

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      I am forwarding your email to our webmaster, thanks, but for now just write the address some where or just paste it to your browser, also you can check us on Twitter @theroadtowisdom, just join us. Let us know how you are doing alright?

  3. Anita Cheeks says:

    I loved browsing this post with thanks. I’m planning to add your blog to my blog reader so after I can watch over more within your posts.

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