Divine Rebirth









From thine heart
To all I see.
To look upon with ancient eyes,
And behold the beauty of all that lies,
Within this world and those beyond,
Where our Galactic Family carries on.
With only Love to guide our way,
To complete this mission
Is why we came to stay.
To remember all that we once knew,
Where there was love in all we do.
For everything and everyone,
As the collective whole as we had once begun.
Knowing peace and the pure of heart,
Is where one’s journey has to start.
To go within and tear down walls,
Built through lifetimes,
They all must fall.
Fall away for us to see,
That no separation exists
Between you and me.
We are One,
And we came to say
That through our Love,
We will show the way.
The ways of peace,
And to be set free, The ways of Angels,
We came to be.
Angels full of Love and Light,
Flying high and shining bright.
Lifting all to our new Earth,
Where in one accord,
Is our new birth.
The birth of The Golden
Age, Where Heaven’s bliss we all shall know.
Where all life shall greatly flourish,
And where only goodness shall always grow.
Where all that once was but forgotten,
Shall again be understood,
That united as One Family,
All will be as it always should.

AUTHOR: Tamara Lynn


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