Exercise Of Being One Light

“Greetings, Beloved Family! It is I, Sananda, come once again to be with you, in Grace, in Love, and in co-creation of yet another uplifting and joyful togetherness, a Oneness.And as we do this, as we lift up, it is to feel the feelings of the Love, the highest and most powerful energy in the whole Universe, and it is to know that we are all divine, that We Are All One in our divinity, and that we have an opportunity here in our coming together to present to Planet Earth and the Universe beyond, this highest form of Love, this compassionate Love, this forgiving Love which knows no judgment of anyone else, or of oneself, and yes, the thanks, the Gratitude, that we have for each other, for ourselves and for all. And this is the feeling of living in Christ Consciousness, this is the feeling that we shall be exploring more of.

This is the greatest teaching of all, for it is Love, and Love is all that is ever needed by any individual or group of people, for any country, or in any situation. It is Love. High dimensional Love, Christ Consciousness. And with it comes Peace, and with it comes Joy, and even as we empower the missions that Ashtar has presented, it is to be bringing the Freedom to all people, to hear these messages and to participate as One, even as we create this, this exercise of Love, in this moment together.

“And so it is easiest if you close your eyes, take some breaths. And it is to bring once again to each and every being that Light, that Love.Bring it in in any way that you choose.You can bring it into your hands, and up, across and down into your hearts. You can bring it into your crown. You can bring it up from Mother Gaia, and have it meet in your Hearts.Just bring it in and open your Hearts wide to receive absolute radiant, unconditional Love. Show Compassion first to yourselves, Beloved Ones, each and every one in this group. Let us show Compassion now to each other. And let us smile upon each other, and let us allow this Love to connect us, such that you feel it throughout your being, such that you, each and every one of you, are now in communion with all as One.

“And now add the vibrations of Compassion, and Forgiveness and Gratitude, and allow them to swirl and make beautiful patterns, first within your Hearts and then out through your entire energy fields. Just allow, just allow. Because you see, these high energy Love waves will each find their own perfect balance and harmony, and they will form beautiful patterns, and some of you may see the lights, and some of you may feel and some of you may just know.You are literally infusing the entirety of your energy fields with this great Love, with this great compassionate Love, with this great forgiving Love, where there is no judgment, not of anyone else, and certainly not of yourselves.

And it is to experience this moment, and to put it into endless circulation so that these patterns, these waves, continue to come into your beings and fill you with this high, high Love unconditional. So that you have this as your marker, so that when you are not feeling this you will know, and then you can stop for a moment, just a moment, and start the flow again, inflowing to you, filling your fields. Let us fill each others’ fields with this, let us circulate it now and remember We Are One, so we are simply filling the energy fields of the One We Are, all of us, all of us here, all of you, Beloved Lightworkers, Family, all of your Guides, and the Radiant Ones who come to share in this moment.

“And now as we fill ourselves with this, let us move, move this energy. One We Are! We are the energy of Love, high dimensional, Christ Consciousness Love. And let us move so that we can shower the World with the Love Beams. Keep it circulating, keep it incoming, keep sharing it. And even as we do, allow it to fall gently, but powerfully, to all of magic Earth – see it in your minds’ eye.It might be sparkly stars, it might be waves or beams orrays of Light, golden white Light, showering all of Planet Earth.

“And this is indeed, this is indeed that shining Star now shining for the entire World We Are, showing the way to the entire World, lighting the way literally as the stories you have heard of that one Star. We Are the Star, Beloved Ones, and we are showering our Love Beams everywhere upon the planet!!! And look how the sun joins, and look how the moon radiates even more shining, shining Love. And we are joined by all of the stars everywhere.And here we are, One Star shining forth together and lighting up all of Planet Earth! And now see Planet Earth paying it outward in every direction, lighting up the entire Universe with Love, empowering all beings everywhere with Love, and the Joy, and yes, the Peace that comes with it.

“Keep it coming, Beloved Ones, and keep sharing. It was once said that I was the greatest gift when I was in the body of Yeshua, but the Truth, Beloved Ones is, We Are All the Gifts, We Are All Love, and We Are All One!We are all equal, we are all divine, and we are all bringers of the Love Light to Planet Earth, and beyond to the entire Universe!!! So keep the Love Light shining, and let us be joyful that we have come together. The windows are wide open to receive this Light. So keep on shining, and know that I, and all of the wondrous Angels and Guides and Masters and Spirits are with you – all of the Beings of Light. You are never alone, and you are always loved as One, One Loving Bright Light With All!And so it is.Namaste!”


“I am still feeling it. That was real powerful. We cleared a lot, we healed a lot and we love you all so much more than I can even say in this moment! I could talk ’til the end of time itself, as you know it, but there is a date upon the calendar, and we have much to do. So let’s just keep on shining with Joy, Joy, Joy in all of our expressions!!! And so it is, Beloved Family, and so it is. Namaste!”





~ the people

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