Listen to your Most High/ Highest Self

Conscious Love is everything needed for you and humans at this time. Conscious Love is unconditional, unselfish, it is given freely as a gift; it does not require anything in return. Your existence in the Higher Realms is Freedom and Conscious Love. This Conscious Love is mainly what is nourishing your Higher Being Bodies. We, of the Higher Planes of existence, would suggest that you all begin to imagine what living from a place of Conscious Love would mean. We would also recommend that you manifest Conscious Love into your 3D holographic matrix program. This holographic projection is what you identify yourself with during your waking state, that which you call life.

There is a subtle life, very refined, very sensitive inside of you. It has infinite love, infinite knowledge and infinite consciousness. We would like to ask you to try to allow this Higher State of existence to emerge into your life at this stage. Allowing this part of you to lead you, means letting go of prejudice, of fear, of anger, of illusions. Instead live and manifest from the part of you that knows no hurry, no fear. This is the part which just is. It is the part that needs you to anchor your attention into your body and observe, sense your body, your feelings and your thoughts. This is what is required for your Higher Self to emerge into your life. Be available for it, by remaining in an open state of mind. Keep your body relaxed, and your feelings light.

We are well aware that you are identified in duality and firmly believe that what unfolds around you is real. You are attached to your own pains, sufferings, frustrations, angers and so on and so forth. How is it possible to let go of this side of yourself? How is it possible to let go of this side of you, which loves dramas, gossip, which compares, and feel a victim? How is it possible not to be pulled out of your skin, as it were? This is a matter of struggle over and over again. It needs to be seen, and recognized by each and every one of you individually.

It is not required that you force yourself to stop these reacts from happening inside of you. They are for the best part quite impossible to be stopped by your ordinary self. What is required is You. What is required is your presence in order to see the sides you are not so proud of. These need to be seen over and over again. The seeing is all that is required now. There is nothing to do about it, the only thing required is your presence seeing what is. So being present in your life is what is required now.

Mercury being retrograde has taken a few of you into a deep past experience. You are all experiencing this in various ways. See what is shown to you, however, do not allow yourself to be pulled in. Observe what you are being shown impartially, and from a place of love and understanding. Ultimately, you will have to see the necessity for compassion for all that exists in your field of existance, and this includes yourselves.

All of your Higher Selves are with us, in the Higher Realms. We are all together, with the Galactic Family of Light. You are interacting with them on a daily, or hourly basis. Sometimes, what you interpret as day dreaming, or imagination is in fact genuine interacting with Higher Realms Beings. You often dismiss these interactions as wishful thinking, or day dreaming. However, truth be told, if you are present enough, connected enough, you will realize that these contacts are very real.

The logical mind labels all and moves on. Now is the time to begin leaving doors open and questions unanswered. Begin being more and more connected to your own body and you will begin conscious communication with us. Our messages can take the form of visions, of dreams, of day dreams, of imagination, of downloads directly into your mind, of impressions. It can even take you a few hours, days or weeks to digest what you are given. We assure you, you are all given love, information and protection.

We love you very dearly.

This is your Higher Self speaking to you, dear.

Laura Tyco:


~ the people

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