For all those with Concern: Anna Von Reitz



For all those with Concern: Anna Von Reitz

We the people are more than disappointed that you have taking your time to: for discrediting what the Creator has been making visible by means: through talented: professional people with a mission here on earth as it is Heather Tucci, one of original Trustee of the former OPPT, – = One People Public Trust.

We would think that you would take your time and do your own due diligence of: for reading the OPPT from the beginning of its investigations on a national and international level of the fraud perpetrated to our people: for our humanity by criminals we ourselves call CFR: Counsel of Foreign Relations, OR better said if you will “Jewishcons” OR the Jews that are NOT, – = the banking Cartel, – = The BAR, along with the Queens and Kings: The Vatican. All of them together playing actors, – = perjures. Hypocrites. Murderers. Whores. Warmongers, as entertainment for us all instead of doing the job of “public servants” they were there to do in the first place.

And how convenience, they were being paid by us unknowingly, and unwillingly with our very own wealth that was there from the beginning that we were born, giving for us by our Creator.

These Fucktarts never had any money: funds to: for them being rich: famous, and most certainly NOT having the money to: for creating wars, build walls, or let along put on every corner of each city of our country a “drug store” as Walgreen, etc, etc., inclusive of unhealthy “fast food restaurants”, and all the commodities that we never needed: with the aim for destroying our lives, and taking our liberty. And do not get us started on the corporation of: for jail: prison for profit, and human trafficking, – = Pedogate: pedophilia: genocide.

We are most certain that you know the rest.

YOU knew about the OPPT, yet you refused to acknowledge it… enforce its law, = talk about it in detail… Publicly.

We wonder why?

If people like yourself would of taking seriously the OPPT from the beginning, we most certainly know this world would had been a better place by now. For you chose the road less travel.

The OPPT took care of all that you so ferocious talk about- it even dissolved the useless BAR. They buried them (they know this), and these included all PRIVATE CORPORATE COURTROOM system that go on disguising as PUBLIC COURT of: for the American people. In total it closed on all corporations worldwide, and yes these included the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, INC: UNITED STATES, AND ALL STATES OF… The OPPT took from them all that they had for surviving= our money: our Original personal and private accounts that only us: each individually have the legal and lawful authority to : for using.

The OPPT did all the work for us. WE ARE FREE! There it is no need for being filing any paper work for NOT being any citizen. Citizen for what? Washington DC is not what it used to be!! It is not foreign any longer!  We repeat, we are free! The people of this country can do with Washington DC whatever they wish… It belongs to the people; in fact, everything belongs to the people! And that thing some call “President” in Washington DC is FAKE: = for everyone awareness!

You are mistaking on saying that what the OPPT did was to: for enslaving us even longer.

That is a lie! Check all visible.

The former OPPT returned the universe to Original, meaning all there is, was returned to source, – = YOU. This means that we are all now on our own: individually responsible for our very own BE’ing and DO’ing.

ALL previous tools were reconciled.

We recommend you look at the spiritual side of the former OPPT, this should help you understand…

The OPPT closed upon the slavery system, inclusive of the UCC. The UCC stands now as an archive…, we guess one individually can use it for filing public, as its laws still stand visible…, not for any entity be stealing from others through the UCC as it used to be.

You might ask why it is the slavery system still functioning, well we knew it would take a few years to dry out…, it is happening now because they: no one can get into your: our private-personal accounts as they used to for their own splurging… NO ONE! Could this be why all wars stopped, and all corporations are going bankrupt…, all constructions stopped…? Hmm… The Vatican, and the royals did not like this at all! Could it be that they are broke. Dead. Replaced with clones…?

All of the above apply.

We all have our own private accounts in trust, not that it is a trust: there is a difference.

If the American people knew this, they would have been mad as hell, however, this is why they try so hard for us being entertain with bullshit so we never find out the truth of their doings. The truth that their fortune: money was being stolen by these criminals. For example, my account alone invested millions in Panera Restaurants, billions in privately own LLC’s in France and Germany, paid: pay for the salaries of: for Hollywood rich and famous, inclusive for the Oprah Winfrey enterprise, and last but not least, pay for the maintenance of the New York City corporation expenses… AND here I AM, not having the funds: money for paying for my own daily expenses that counts for “much less” ONE hundred dollar a day: a week?  Search your ssn with dashes on this site to see who is trading on your acct…

These crimes are beyond comprehension: beyond insanity.


We recommend you start helping your audience on how to access their private account: their money: their fortune instead of keeping them in the dark! This is their lawful inheritance, most certainly not slavery for the few.

This is the time for forming Ecclesia! Selecting our own Sheriffs from our own communities, and working with the local National Guard.

THIS IS THE MOMENT FOR EMBRACING OUR POWER: unity: and safe our people from dying from starvation, and living on the streets!

WE ALSO are sending a message for Veritas from Dinarchronicles: “Keep your fear mongering to yourself, we do not need you. Unfuck yourself, Cabal agent: troll.”

We are on: with another timeline: New Universe. A new earth is being born!

Millions of people, if not the entire planet know who Heather Tucci is. They love her: We love her!

Some of us had the honor many times over of: for helping those in dire needs as being without a home with small children, literally being thrown on the streets from their own homes by thugs as the corporate judges, and the BAR: Being without a job, and with no funds for feeding their family: Being in jail for expressing their lawful rights: Taking their children away from their family: From infringements of one personal life from the police mafia… Heart broken experiences that we wish no one ever go through.

We found out that even the poorest of all knew WHO Heather Tucci was: is.

This came to us as a surprise…, and we wonder how they know… Knew about Heather?

We asked

Many told us that “the man” told her: him about Heather Tucci, other heard it from someone that knew: read about her… Heather Tucci was: is the hope and dreams for these people…, the only dream. They told us this, and we read it in their hearts, and we knew their dreams would come true… Heather would lead the way, they said whether they be dead or alive.

Since, many of these people died taking Heather Tucci name to their graves, and many todays have a long list ready for the things that they would need go shopping, with their fortune that Heather Tucci knew they had: have.

The power of love is beyond measures, and we know Heather knows this very well…

Thank you Heather for all that you are doing, humanity loves you dearly… Thank you for giving us the confidence to: for moving forward within our own power to: for reclaiming what it is rightfully ours!

Love, love, love from all over the world for Heather Tucci and team!

Our time is now, go and get your money, your fortune, and be responsible… Be Love!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Poem for keep by Kenneth J. Goodrich:

I AM America!

The Real Student of light faces the light

And sends the light before him

I AM America! America!

My blissed I AM Country!

The light of God that never fails

America! Tis Thee

America! America!

The Cup that holds the Christ- Light

That will light the planet wide

America, my love for thee,

Let her freedom reign without divide!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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~ the people: Lucille may

NOTE: when we are referring to “Jewishcons”, we are referring to a specific group that pretend being Jews when they are NOT. This have anything to do with our Jewish people= any people. Those that we speak of know exactly who they are.

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