Get off From Egosphere

Some people out there are so zombies like that some time it scares me to interact with them. Actually they can get your energy level down to the point of matching theirs. In this case protect yourself always with some kind of crystal earth stone or just simply send them energy of love from your heart all the time so they will not feel intimidated with your presence. The goal is to look at everyone, and everything around us as part and parcel of Creator’s Source regardless of what sphere they are in.

It is very important that we learn the basics of protecting ourselves from the egosphere entities.

Egosphere entities are not just humans, but they are actually as well vices, and creatures that love to use our bodies for them to have experiences of the physical realm. Many of these creatures are from other planes same as ours or lower that attack our ethereic body, then the results of whatever they did in the ethereic body will manifest to the physical body by us having desires, pain, or diseases. In case you did not know, our physical body rests in a luminous ethereic body, in truth we have seven bodies but lets just stay basic for the moment. These vicious transparent and conscious creatures lavish themselves in our bodies without we even noticing it! They take advantage of every opportunity from us, and these happens because our auric fields are very dark or what we call, our energy level is very low or our god level/spirit is low, or our vortex (physical body) is running in low frequency, or low vibration, etc., etc. These creatures are manipulators, and they love ignorant humans to play their wishes.

One of the pleasures they love most is sex, yes when you are having a wet dream or a violent sex desire be assure you are being attack by these creatures, they are very clever in telegraphing your mind with all kinds of illusory dreams, they are the pedophiliac of these generation, the alcoholics, the sweet-holics, junk foodsholics, the warholics, etc., etc. These creatures hide themselves in bars, malls, nightclubs, theaters, filthy places, and transmits themselves through sex from person to person! Comes to think most of us are just puppets of these entities until we raise our vibrations as that is when they cannot get into our bodies! They hate the light, and they do not want to know nothing about gods, and divine love, except for what they love to do! Bear in mind that they are neither bad nor good they are simply what they are, vicious creatures that love keeping us trapped for their own fun!

Sex is sacred, and want of sex comes from the heart for the purpose of continuing the species as well as to practice with rituals that will empower the couple to reach eternal blessings. Also, any food and action that does not honor our temple will cause effects that are from the choices we made and not that of any god or Source, as gods and Source only want for us to be all that we can be and that is to be one with them. Our choices is what is keeping us in lower vibrations and ignorant of our higher good.

We have discussed earlier that everything is about energy, meaning that the universe is an ocean of energy vibrating at different levels of reality. That energy is conscious of itself and everything that there is in the existence. Existence is what existence is, and existence is all-knowing, all conscious, all divine, and all high vibrations frequencies of pure love, and that is what is call GOD.

Now there are people in the human race all throughout the universe that are masters’ genesis’s that with their knowledge of creation and their divine vibrational frequencies creates all kinds of creatures, universes or whatever they wish just with the thoughts of their intentions. Those masters are the same ones that created us! Now lets remember that other creatures in the universe that do not have human forms are just as equal with the same wisdom and knowledge.

As it is we are all serpentine creatures regardless of our physical form. What we are saying is that we are the creatures of the Snake’s dragon regardless of how powerful of a god we are, and sooner or later the snake of wisdom would want us back (after graduating from the physical experiences or physical worlds) full of love and knowledge and of course vibrating at the same frequency rate as she is or as in the universe she reside.  This is what we all long for, transcend our physical reality to our body of light so that way we can travel consciously the endlessly vastness of the universe, as that is what we are, travelers. In fact our earth is a time traveling ship and we are in it!

Now, lets go back to egosphere. Everyone should know by now that the world is changing, that our earth is going to be vibrating at a higher rate (5th) rate, or 5th dimensional. On the 5th dimension there is no Karma, meaning that the earth have had cleanse herself of any Karma she owes as well as every human. By the end of December of 2012, or the famous date of 12-21-12 that is when a cycle ends and another begins. Now nothing is going to happens on that day except that our earth will be very near to the light of Source or the Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy which is a divine area of extreme divine radiation of light energy that will transform anything that it touches. Now do not be scare as our sun is our protector and he knows how to arrange everything for us. However, we are not the only ones that this will affect but other planets as well. Think of the responsibilities our sun has, he is our saviour I must say. Nothing can come in on any planet of our solar system unless it  passes through our sun first, our sun decide, our sun is the boss!

All these energies from our Central Galactic Sun takes time to arrange itself on earth, and the outcomes are of tremendous changes all across the globe. Source has created a plan that in the next twenty years starting from 2012 through 2032 the United States that you know until now for example, will not be the same, and this will apply to many other countries as well as humanity. Bear in mind that we’ve been getting energy from many earth’s portals that until now were close  and because of the new changes are now being open, this will go on all the way throughout 2013, so yes we have felt the changes all along.

This twenty-year window will give us a chance to shift our ways, to wake up or jump out from the egosphere, and the technosphere if you will so we can join the new earth! The elements are going to have lots of fun cleaning or purifying areas of the earth with earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, thundering, sinkhole, fire, etc., etc. In case you do not know, water, fire, and air are elemental creatures that work very hard to keep us alive, and that include even our very own bodies! So the next time you are having a rainy day or a hot day just thanks the elements for their hard work, and ask them to make the day comfortable for you, be assure that they will if your heart is vibrating with love! We need not to judge what the elements are up too as they are doing what they were told to do, fearlessly give them thanks and they will protect you.

Now it is very important that we wise up, as opportunities like this do not happen every day, and for some that for so long are saying that the Christ or Jesus will come, let us tell you that this is the COMING! This is what the old texts are talking about for thousands and thousands of years, this is what the Bible, the Koran and all other religions are talking about. It is all about this Era and the coming of our Father which just a few knows for sure who our father is. Our father is Lord Enki/ Lord Marduck, and Goddess Innana or if it will make you feel comfortable the Michael’s family or Michael’s consciousness, or Christ Michael consciousness. Christ Michael is the one that lives in our heart! He and Lord Marduck incarnated on earth many times just to reminds us of our heritage. For example most ascended masters are reincarnation of them, and this include even Jesus, Lord Sananda, Zeus, and whatever great master in whatever culture all around the world! But wait until we tell you that everything is really physiological, and holographic but that will be in another topic, you cannot handle too much at the same time.

For now all you need to do is to focus on your spiritual journey and stop giving your money and energy to that poisoned coffee shop in you neighborhood, as well as to watch what you’ve been feeding yourself and your family. By now you should know not to eat anything that is not straight from the ground/ organic or you grew it yourself. You should not vaccinate your children or feed them with soy products, and/or get them to eat acidic junk food that you, yourself with your brainless self is addicted to. You should avoid any milk products unless you have a goat or cow in your backyard, read labels, do not use microwave, and do your own research as anything that we are telling you right here is everywhere in the internet. Remember that the angels created the Internet so we can communicate with each other and learn from each other by sharing information, and of course this was part of the technosphere as well as the cell phone and whatever other malfunction gadget was handed to us. Malfunction not by the angels but by the corporations. You do not think that Fox News and CNN… are going to educate you on anything that will empower you as by now you should be aware that their aim is to keep you ignorant, and enslave to their lies!

In the next twenty years fast food restaurants, and all those unhealthy little restaurants on every corner of this planet will not exist, transportation will headed in all sorts of directions but for sure not as it is now, our communication system will be telepathically meaning we’ll use our brain frequencies instead, and all sorts of technologies that will work with the earth energy, not with fusel fuel energy as it is now, will be the norm. And instead of us wanting to live in high-rises and big cities we’ll want to live on lower ground so we can feel the energy of our mother earth. The corporate America will be gone, and diseases, and suffering will be no more.

There are many people that are already 5th dimensional, these people are the ones that will help the people to rise, and the gods as we speak are being born on earth so by the time the 2032 comes they will be in their twenties more or less, these are the young generation that will lead the new Era. this is the Golden Age we’ll all been waiting for. For those that are waiting to have children or have new babies, watch and protect your baby as he or she might be a great leader of the new age.

The new age is the beginning of the Noosphere, the noosphere is the mind of earth! The Noosphere is consciousness beyond ego, and humanity, and all creatures is the mind. One mind. So with this being said we might as well think that we are the earth, that’s how important is our survival, our rising of consciousness.

The Noosphere is connected to Source and all the cosmos, and we’ll be able to communicate to anyone in the universe, and travel to anywhere physically in spaceship or consciously as well. We also will emerge with our brothers and sisters from Inner Earth, yes earth have many dimensions with other creatures, and the one we live in is just one of them.

We have no other choice than to reflect, change, and move forward to do our best, ask questions and follow our heart. Find your sacred space and spend time alone, deep breathing and meditating, and or visualizing an earth where consciously we are all one, where everyone is living with peace, harmony, and abundance. And abundance does not mean material possession but spiritual abundance. Once you are a fifth dimensional being you can manifest anything you’ll like, but you’ll want to manifest what is needed for you and your family without any ego boundlessness.

On the 12-12-12, and 12-21-12  spend those dates meditating, and in silence whether in the park or the beach, or at home. The angels, masters, and father-mother God are all watching and sending us blessings. These dates are very glorious as we’ll be facing Source territory! Be happy and ask the angels to clean up your auric fleld and help you on the opening of your chakras. Keep the faith, take righteous actions, and think with your heart so you move forward to the next level, and that start with each one of us getting off from egosphere.

Comedians tells us the truth all the time in a humorous way, please take them seriously as they are doing Source work to bring awareness to certain mentality that do not get it any other way. We cater to everyone until the door of their heart open.

May we all find our way


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