Fear No More

Since we are in an awakening process from within, and the outer worlds as well, let us inform you that the oligarchs that run our government, along with their partners élite corporations are creating/orchestrating the genocide, and mass murders of citizens any which way so they can create fear, and so they can create new laws that strip us of our rights! We already know how these psychopaths works, as every time they want to pass such laws they play these scenarios right in front of our faces, including for example 9/11 that we all should know by now was an orchestrated one as well as the genocide of innocent children recently. The latest incident is to get our attention from within our heart; wow that was a great, great genocide! Do not buy it, do not bring yourself down by this even if it is breaking our hearts.

As everyone know, we, the people are awake, and we are not buying any scenarios these cabals are showing along with their associates CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox News, the voices of the Hollywood counter parts rich and famous, as well as  radios, and news papers. It is heart breaking, and our hearts goes to the families of those who died, if this is true!

These oligarchs are desperate to control us to the max, but that is not going to work, do not be afraid, and do not listen to these happenings for too long as these will bring your energies level down. To the contrary bring yourself up by protecting yourself with a gun if you have one, and do not give your rights to anyone. You already know by their actions that they do not care about you or anyone but themselves, and this is why they will be gone in a not too far away future.

We have to think that our government failed us, and all we have is each other, our friends, neighbors, family, and our community. We have to be vigilant, and open our hearts to love, creativity, and cooperation with each other so we can move forward, and survive the challenges that lie ahead of us after 2012 and beyond.

12-21-12  date, and beyond that is for us to reflect, and let the energies of our Central Sun cleanse our body and soul from all the thousands, and thousands of years of mental conditioning and ignorance of our highest good, so we could rise our vibration to the coming changes. And wouldn’t you know, this would  be an excellent time to distract us from that, as we all know that being intelligent is an offense, a threat to our oligarchy regime.

If we are not mistaken they are even trying to pull up an alien invasion on that date or around that time, which will give them the chance (while we are entertained, and scared to death that some alien will take us with them), to take that opportunistic TIME to do something even greater, like for example going and invade with Obama’s favorite “genocidal drone toy” other people’s country!

I can see their little homemade dome like, and radar controlled alien like ships flying every where all across the globe, trying to scare the crap out of the poor innocent people who are not aware that benevolent beings do not come to the third dimension, nor are they interested in invading a planet that is to the brink of its humanity coming to extinction if we do not shift our consciousness to a higher level, nor are they  invaders! To the contrary they are helpers of the universe that go on helping planets, and their beings to evolve.

In order for us to see benevolent beings we have to raise our vibrations to their own, and that is fifth dimensional! Those light beings are what we call angels, masters, god, and goddess, their aim is to help us, not to harm us. Until now they send orbs for us to see, which are intelligent light-cameras. They can transcend matter, they can be seem, or disappear very fast. Many angels are sending their own light orb for us to heal ourselves, and help us to ascend with its energy.

Are you buying into these entire BS? Are we that stupid to not see the cunning practices of these worldwide leaders? Wise up, rise up, and lets unite consciously to put an end to these criminals. Lets meditate, and be heart centre, send them love, and light so they too can see the way, or maybe Source will take them to the Central Sun where they will dissolve as if they never existed.

We are the ones that determine the outcome of our planet, and that start with us not being afraid, and then fight for what it is our right, as well as bring our hearts and mind to create outcome that will empower everyone.

Enjoy the video below

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