God’s Very Self


God said: 


Captains of Fortune, you set sail today. Every day you take a voyage. You are at the helm. Set sail for the shore you seek. Follow the stars to your destination. Follow your heart to your destination. Follow Me, for, am I not your Destination?

Is there somewhere you would rather be than with Me? Is there something else you find more entertaining than I? Is there something else that offers you the treasures I hold out to you? The treasures are right within your grasp. Hold your hand out, and I will give great treasure to you. I will give Myself to you. I will give Yourself to you.

Actually, I have done all that, only you have been a little slow on the uptake. Your mind was somewhere else. You didn’t miss the opportunity. You missed the recollection of it.

In your daily life, have you not done that? Have you not put back the cover on a jar, and then wondered what you did with the cover? You didn’t remember putting the cover back on the jar, but there it is. This has happened to everyone, hasn’t it?

It is like this with Our Unity. I am right here centered in your heart, and you look around and say: “Where is God?”

You don’t say, “Where did I leave God?” You don’t say, “I had Him a minute ago.” When it comes to Me, your memory is less together than even when you forget where you put a bottle cap.

You don’t say, “I put God down a minute ago, and where is He now?”

You say simply, “Where is God?”

You don’t say, “Where has He been?”

You simply say, “I have never seen Him. He hides from Me.”

I never hide from you, and yet your eyes cannot see Me. Only your heart can know Me. And yet I am not hidden. I entered your heart long ago, and I never left. I am in your heart. I am deeply embedded in your heart. There is no way I can leave. I am inextricably in your heart.

You might say I am a silent partner, yet I am not silent. I come from Silence, yet I speak to your heart. I speak, not in words, but in love. I hug you. I nudge you. We embrace. You have the ears to hear. They are in your heart.

Come closer with your attention. You need do nothing to prepare for Me, for I have already arrived. It is this you are unaware of. I am present, and you have missed My Presence. In that case, prepare for Me. Lay down a red carpet. Anticipate Me in your awareness. Anticipate Me, and, soon you will begin to see the signs of Me. It is in your awareness that I arrive. Your awareness arrives to Me. I do not arrive. I am already here. And so it is your awareness that finds Me.

You are dazed for a moment, and then you say, “Hullo. Hullo, God. Have You been here all this time?”

I say, “Yes.”

And you say, “O God, what a clunker I have been.”

And then We have a good laugh together, not at your expense, but at your joy. We are enjoined in joy.

My friend, My Very Self, what shall We do now but be? My friend, My Self, what shall We do now but be One in harmony? No longer are there questions that you wrest from the soil of Earth. Now you are questionless. Your quest has been answered. You answered it. You answered the call to Oneness, and Oneness became you.

I held the door open for you as always. This time you walked in. The door stays open. Our hearts are open. There is no closing them. My prodigal son has returned.

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