An Invitation To Take Part In Our Meditative Rituals


We are the Golden Council of Acclipthys, and we come to humanity with Love in our hearts and with an admiration for the densities and struggles that mankind has been ‘forced’ to sludge through as you all made your way through your difficult Life paths.

The lower vibrations and the densities manifested on Earth have reinforced the veil between your world and perception and ours, and now with the beautiful and glorious ascension unfolding on your world at this time, these veils are thinning substantially in favor of a recognition on the part of humanity of the many layered facets of the multidimensional reality that exists all around you and whose matrix you exist within.

Oh dear souls, your reality is only one of an infinite thread of realities, of an infinite layers of reality, and we are existing in one such thread whose consciousness and experience is a bit more increased in purity, even if seemingly only slightly, than the energies and experiences you are undergoing on your world at this time.

Indeed, not very many Councils of very many ascended cities have been coming to humanity quite yet but you can expect the number of us so to speak, to pick up as so very many more entities and collectives who have been helping Earth for so very long begin to find the increased availability of scribes and souls on Earth open to our energies, and you can again expect communications from us and many more ascended cities picking up.

There are an infinite amount of beings and Organizations who have been helping Earth and who wish to make ourselves known at this time and begin the introductions of who we are, and with how many entities and organizations have been coming through this current scribe of ours and indeed many other scribes and offering introductions; the majority of awakening souls who read and absorb our communications may feel that some messages are beginning to sound like broken records!

This is truly because again, there are so many of us who wish to begin introducing ourselves to you and who wish to begin informing humanity of not just our existence, but of the fruitful and countless efforts and energies we have given to your surface and to the core of your world in favor of the manifestation of your ascension and the events, both physical and ethereal, that are to precede such ascension.

This beautiful city of Acclipthys is continually and constantly brimming with energies of Love and of [Earthly] assistance, and we are routinely and at any time performing many Lighted rituals that see the Logos energy reaching Earth in increased purity.

We work with the beings working in the astral realms of Earth to bring these energies through ourselves and themselves and like many incarnate souls on Earth at this time in your crucial history, we are established and stationed at many energy gates at once, helping to give the rituals that bring through the energies that are both Creating your reality and upgrading and expanding your temples and chakras alike, which exist wonderfully inside of your beautiful temples.

We are working with the beings inside the astral realms of your Earth as well as with your space brethren on the etheric events which are to manifest and ‘break’ once and for all the lower dimensional spells and bonds that have kept humanity in continued states of darkness and perceived separation, but at the same time we are still a city, always brimming with activity and energy.

We have our cultures and our entertainment just as you do, but we exaggerate not when we tell you that the majority of our ‘time’ and energy truly is spent assisting Earth in bringing about Her ascension and the ascension of all on Her surface, because our efforts and the efforts of all of you alike truly are needed at this time.

The rituals that we perform are very specific and are very many. Each ritual is attuned and adjusted even if only slightly, to perform the specific collective or individual action that needs performed. For example, if an individual in our group is going through a particularly difficult and challenging lesson in their higher dimensional growth, we will all get together and aim our meditative and Lighted energies toward this soul and this soul specifically, in an act of enlightenment and upliftment.

To delve into a further explanation of just how this is done we wish you all to imagine our circles and our ‘meditation’ groups so to speak where we perform these rituals and give our Loving energies to so many beings. To do so, we would like to invite you all to attend one of our rituals occurring right now, as we give you this message.

Of course, even the giving of this message is a collective ritual we are performing right now, as we are aiming our meditative energies toward dear Archangel Michael who is representing us and our Golden Council of this specific ascended city, and He is in turn directing our meditative energies toward our scribe who is absorbing such energies, breaking them down and translating them into the language that he is used to speaking.

At this time we now invite all of you, each and every dear soul on Earth reading this message and each and every dear soul in the Inner Earth absorbing and ‘reading’ this message, to be with us now in your third eyes, in what you would term your imagination.

The energies you have been and are being given by reading and absorbing this communication as you have been so far, should help you to feel yourselves with us as you use what you have termed your imagination, as these energies are encoded with the specific prints and impressions of us souls who resonate with and exist in this ascended city of Acclipthys.

By stating both out loud and in your mental and emotional channels your intent to be with us in one of our energy-giving groups and ritual-performing circles; simply state your intent to do so and your intent to be with us in as clear of a way as your channels will allow, and you will be with us an as clear of a way as you can hade doing so. We will give you a mantra to repeat that will see you better able to be with us and feel yourself with us easily:

I wish now for my channels and chakras to be cleansed of any lower energy, and I wish my chakras to expand as they absorb the energies of the souls of the ascended city of Acclipthys.

I would like to feel the energies of this city in my chakras now, and I would like to feel the energies of the beings who resonate with and exist in this city.

I would like to be with these Lighted beings and absorb their rituals, while taking part in the energy movements they are giving Gaia.

I ask my Guides to be with me during this endeavor and to cleanse my energies of any negative beings or any negative vibrations.

Indeed, while this mantra can be seen as being ’quite a mouthful’ it will be quite effective in your feeling of our energies and your resulting inhabitance of our city and the circles we are existing in.

After making your potent decree and repeating this decree until you feel comfortable and Lighted enough to begin ‘imagining’ and feeling our beautiful city and the energies of us beings residing in this city, imagine around yourself many ascended beings existing in the specific energy of this ascended city.

Imagine yourself around us and imagine a beautiful, continual ray and field of Divine, Golden Logos energy permeating each and every aspect of the gazebo-like structure in which we are all existing within and giving our Loving energies to and through, to be sent to Earth and to each and every soul absorbing our communication and whose intent is to be with us currently.

Feel in yourself the desire to be with us and feel the Loving energies around you and around the ascended beings who are now with you inside this structure where there are so very many of us meditating while collectively and individually giving our energies to Earth. Feel yourself within this circle and if you feel you are ready, ask to be uplifted by us beings existing within and making up this circle of ascended souls.

You are existing in your continually-developing ascended form whilst you are with us, and the subtle astral bodies in which you are traveling to us and our city with whilst you ‘imagine’ yourselves here, are ascending and being uplifted as you feel the energies that many of you are now already becoming a part of sending and giving of yourself, without even yet realizing it.

Why, hello dear beautiful souls! We can feel an influx of you dear souls who have just began to join us, and many of you are attempting to feel yourselves here much to little or no avail. We should say that every soul who is now making it their intent are now with us and are now becoming a part of these Love giving rituals, even if in your Earthly body and at your surface you feel that you are not doing so or you feel that you are not yet with us. You are indeed with us, simply in measured ways dear souls.

Some of you are dealing with blocks and strains while attempting to feel yourselves with us, but so very many more of you are now feeling us whilst you read and absorb this communication.

You are feeling yourselves with us, and we encourage every one of you to continue on and go into bit of a meditation after finishing absorbing and reading this message, for we can go on with our rituals for every bit as long as you can feel yourselves with us and each and every soul who makes it your intent to be with us will truly be feeling us and our rituals in any given moment that you wish to be a part of such rituals as of course we exist outside of the confines of your perception of time and are able to perform these rituals literally, at any ‘time’.

To those who are feeling yourselves with us in increased purity, there are many ascended souls around you now who are giving off our beautiful, Loving energies to uplift you with such energies. Many of you have specific pains and fears and such in yourselves that need to be exposed and shown to you at this time and we ask you to ask us for the energetic abundance and sustenance that will see you absorbing our energies better in this moment.

As you do this, feel yourselves begin to float above the rest of the group of ascended souls who are giving this energy. Feel the energetic chord attached to your own [astral] body, and as you feel yourself being uplifted by this Kundalini Logos energy, feel in yourself the impression of the being who was you, who was at first simply a part of this group but who is now floating and hovering above this group, and receiving the giving of the energies of this group in much more purity than you were feeling by simply existing and being a part of this group.

This method of Lighted ritual is one of our most potent and many of you are in the ‘center’ so to speak of it now. We foresee that many of you who will choose to stay with us long after this communication has ceased, will routinely attempt to feel yourselves receiving this specific type of abundance of ritualistic energy, as we will uplift you with this energy each and every time and we are not limited to simply sending one soul up, so to speak.

Begin to see and feel around you whilst you still feel yourselves existing atop the group of ascended souls giving this Logos energy, and notice that there are others around you who are also hovering up above this group, who are also being Universally uplifted by this wonderful abundant energy.

Notice that you are not alone and that there are many souls with you receiving this energy. Some of them are Earthly souls who have made their way here and themselves asked to feel the abundance of energy in this specific ritualistic fashion, and some are ascended or near-ascended souls existing within the ‘confines’ to so speak of Acclipthys.

These souls are themselves undergoing fourth dimensional lessons and are being cleansed of the, what can be seen as lower vibrations which they still harbor within, which they are themselves learning to outgrow by feeling the energies they are being given as a part of this beautiful ritual.

If felt to be necessary, ask yourselves to be let down now and for you to be a part of the group again.

Dear souls of Earth who are with us and who have asked to feel such abundance of energy, you have just taken part in a very potent ritual that we are continually performing here in this city and outside of the confines of this city, and the ritual in which you were just involved in whether you realized it fully or not as well as the continued rituals that we can feel many of you will choose to take part in after this communication; these rituals have served to uplift your Lives and your learning of karmic lessons along your Life paths in wonderful ways and in ways that will see your experiences that much easier and more Lighted.

Upon the many revelations that are going to become commonplace on your world, you will learn that the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria had a very vested interest in the ‘cloud cities’ and ascended realms in the sky that would make our appearance rarely but that would be marvelous to behold when we did decloak, and upon ascending Lemuria began to find a communication and a long lasting bond and relationship with us, and many souls who would have otherwise chosen to exist within the Inner Earth have instead chosen to Live with us in one of the infinite ascended cities existing in your skies and atmosphere currently.

Each and every facet of lower dimensional Life on Earth has had a higher dimensional, perceived polar opposite, and the ascended cities that exist in your sky and the ascended Inner Earth as well is a very good testament to this, and we hope that many souls on Earth will be comforted by the fact that your lower dimensional society is literally surrounded by ascended beings and civilizations.

We will now temporarily depart the channels of our scribe and the channels of all who will now tune out of this communication and our energies which are attached to this communication.

Unbeknownst to our scribe, our primary agenda in bringing this communication forth was to invite many souls who would be reading this communication to take part in the meditative ritual that has just taken place.

Again dear souls, we will not be finished with these rituals simply because we finish this communication. We invite our scribe as well as every soul who has been reading and absorbing this communication to continue to be with us and to in your own way, let us teach you of some of the many more rituals that we perform all of the time on this ‘world’.

If you have ‘time’ so to speak, we could begin to show some of you dear beautiful souls what Life is like in these cities and show you our own methods of gaining nourishment and sustenance.

We can say dear souls, that the fruit in which we consume happily is so very much more wonderful to behold and to feel and ‘taste’ than even the greatest tasting of fruit that you are used to on Earth. The best part about this ascended ‘fruit’ dear souls, is that it contains within it pure encodements of Logos energy that indeed, does uplift your spirit complexes and every facet of your complexes which will be absorbing the energies given by the fruit upon consuming it, even if doing so in the astral.

We have only began the most potent of our meditations and our Love-giving rituals for this specific date along your Cosmic Calendar, and since the very important synchronistical aligned date known by many as the 5-5 [note from Wes – this communication was brought forth on 5-6], we and so very many other ascended souls and civilizations have been assisting your world by bringing through the pure energies that were decreed to now be brought through with the passing of that and many other important dates.

You may continue to feel fatigued for the time being as your bodies and minds continually adjust to these ever-purer frequencies coming your way but this is something that we are all assisting you with, and performing these rituals with us and feeling yourself in the center of the mass giving of Love, will assist you in better handling and integrating these wonderfully pure energies that you are being given in such abundance that it may be difficult to handle at times. We are with you always and if the intent is made, you can be with us always as well.

Thank you to the Golden Council of Acclipthys, and to Archangel Michael for Representing this Council. link to original article


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