#HATJ: A Beautiful Light “inbound” Lit The Skies At F.C.I. DUBLIN









#HATJ: A Beautiful Light “inbound” Lit The Skies At F.C.I. DUBLIN

published on The I UV, on December 20, 2018


To: BZ Riger
Date: 12/20/2018 12:53:43 PM

Subject:Dublin CA, Wednesday, 12-19-18…in dinner line

news reports of viral tweets about UFO(s) in “california skies”

lol…interesting said reports don’t identify which part of the “california skies (land)”…

…so as i was standing outside, in line for dinner, a beautiful Light “inbound” (GP 12-14-18 @ 11:11) lit the skies at F.C.I. DUBLIN…and it landed behind us…or on a side of us, depending on vantage point, lol…what is behind/on the side of us?…the military base …and let’s not forget… lawerance livermore labs 🙂

…another interesting observation, was the witnesses’ reactions to said UFO(s), and the immediate “programming” that was applied by staff and other “inmates” in re-action to those reactions…and actions, in general, after said “inbound”, lol… <3

love you
love all



lawerance livermore labs


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