Concede. Surrender. Love



Have We talked about love enough? Do you think We are finished? Do you think everything about love has been said and there is no more to say about it?

On the contrary, I am of the opinion that there is nothing else to talk about! Whatever a topic may be, there is love to be found within it.

Whatever a writer writes, he writes about love. Even when what is written is caustic or undermining, the writer has great love in order to write it.

Let Us call Love then Energy. The amount of Love Energy in the world is mind-boggling. In fact, there is nothing else in the world but energy, and all energy is love. Even fury comes from love. Without love, the one who is furious would not be furious. The one who is furious let someone else’s thoughtlessness or difference of opinion or even aggression cut across his love and is now fit to be tied.

I suppose, like toothpaste, We could say that Love Energy gets squeezed and the lid pops off. It is a law of physics that energy has to go somewhere. And when someone is angry, it can be said that the one with anger popped his lid.

I believe physics has one basic formula for energy under which all energy arises. Different shapes and volumes of energy, yet energy is energy, and I am calling that oneness of energy love. What can Oneness be but the energy of love?

Science does not use the word love to explain its theory. I don’t have a theory, you understand. I have love. I AM love, and so are you.

The common basis of flowers, trees, tigers and puppies, and all varieties of human beings is love. There really is nothing more to be said. Energy moves, and love moves. Molecules and atoms must be lovers. Weeds and roses. All love is of the Self. Within everything you see, large and small, love occupies it. The selfsame growing power of love resides within you.

Beloveds, you have not yet burst through the surface. You have no idea as yet of how much love you are made of and contain. Of course, love cannot be contained. That’s what We’ve been saying. Love has to burst out. It cannot be kept low key. Within you is a fountain of energy, and, in whatever language, its name is love. Every language has a word or two for love. Denial or denigration of love is on its way out.

The world is preparing for an outburst of love such as I have dreamed of. I have long said, “Let there be light.” Light is also love, and I have long said:

“Let there be love. Let there be love for all. Let there be pure love for and from all. Let love shine like the sun. Let love be the commerce of the Universe. Let love be. Let love not be trampled not even once more. Let love reign.

“Let babies be recognized as the love they are. Let teenagers be recognized for the love they are. Let parents be recognized as the love they are. Let old people be recognized for the love they are. Let you, who reads this, recognize the love you are and so emanate love until all the world is bathed in love, and the world soars with love, reaching the Highest Heaven effortlessly. Love is a shoe-in.

“I have ordained you as an ambassador of love, and there is nothing that can stop love from taking over the whole world. Concede. Surrender. Love.”

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